Sunday, October 27, 2002

It's been a long day. The morning started off with a quick trip to Ipoh and back for breakfast ( heh heh ), and then there was this afternoon stupor in Mich C's room where I mindlessly played Diablo 2. After that was a panic attack of the car battery - I swear these things happen so often it's almost the norm. And then it was off to Island Plaza with Mich C, my little sister, Hel and the Simoniac where we all took a trip down the Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks and a little kid. I think it's a good movie. It's not that good an adaptation of the original graphic novel - they took out all the ubercool gunfights, so it really wasn't the shootfest which I was hoping for. However, as a movie it stands alone very well. There's closure, there's characterization, there's even a bit of comedy thrown in... people might avoid this movie because they think it's a father-son flick ( and it is, in a way ), but it's highly watchable. Especially if you're into story and 1930s American gangsters ( complete with tommyguns ). Sure, it wasn't exactly what I wanted after I read the graphic novel, but it could have been so much worse.

Just before the movie, I managed to get my Schindler's List soundtrack from Disc & Dat. I truly like this score - the violin is suitably depressing on any day of the week. The idea of being able to order soundtracks through Disc & Dat is really appealing, although the guy there told me that the chances of me getting the soundtrack of The English Patient is very low because the company had stopped producing that CD or something. Oh well, I guess I'll just sit back and enjoy the violin solo from Schindler's List. Ooh... haunting.

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