Sunday, October 06, 2002

It's not even noon and the day is already turning out to be one of them BAD DAYS. After only five hours of sleep, my sister woke me up to fetch her to tuition again. I woke up tired, cause I was really hoping to get at least eight hours. And when I got back, some lorry buying old mattresses ( or possibly selling new mattresses ) made its rounds, with the idiot driver pressing on the horn A LOT. Heck, that was 10am and it's already past 11.30am and he's STILL DOING IT. At 11am just now, my father decided to inform me that I was the one who was going to fetch my sister home, even though I already asked him to fetch her earlier when he asked me. And now my bladder is full and he's washing the toilet. This is one of those days that can really push me over the edge.

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