Friday, October 18, 2002

It's a rather uneventful Friday. The week's work's been done and completed, and we met the deadline. And now I'm floating around waiting for something humongous in my mail to download. It's so big, it's taking up A LONG LONG TIME. This is the problem when your office colleagues stream music from the Internet. Anyways, on to the tallying of this week's vote:

The Question: What should we do to rapists?
Total number of votes: 9

Vote breakdown:
1. Jailed / whipped / fined. (1)
2. Raped in return with a hot poker. (4)
3. Painfully castrated. (0)
4. Given the DEATH PENALTY. (1)
5. All of the above. (3)

We're all for the pain. Rapists are scum. I'm scum too, but they're way scummier, on a whole new level which I can never hope to reach. I was telling Chris from Bentong that my fall from grace was never complete. I was once the law-abiding citizen, then somewhere along the line I fell and became more chaotic. But I never reached rock bottom. I was never fully pure undiluted scum. But rapists... they're truly scum. Full-on scum.

I'm not sure if jail-whip-fining them will work. I'm sure the hot poker treatment will either kill them, cure them of anymore ungodly thoughts or turn them into horrible beasts. Castration is a mite unfair, or is it? The death penalty could be heavy, but maybe it's not. But for some of those SCUM, we need ALL OF THE ABOVE. ALL OF THE ABOVE, YOU HEAR ME?

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