Monday, October 14, 2002

Last Monday I was abjectly depressed. This Monday, I'm feeling sick and shitty. I have mucus running down all over my black shirt, and it shows. Whoever who had the idea of bombing those tourist spots in Bali did not help me feel better. In fact, my blood went chilly when I woke up and saw the headlines this morning. I find it tragic how we just can't stop going around killing each other. I mean, what did those poor folks in the nightspots do to deserve a fiery death? I myself don't like nightspots and I sure as heck don't approve of them, but I don't go around killing people who patronize such places, okay. I don't even destroy the establishments. The most I do is bitch about them.

Personally, I think these bombers, suicide and otherwise, are hitting the wrong people. At any rate, they managed to piss off Australia.

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