Wednesday, October 23, 2002

On the Late Night Show with Nicholas Prose last night, I managed to breed white Bengal tigers, okapis and black leopards in Zoo Tycoon. Huz-zah! I'm the Breederman!

And today, I'm testing out my new underwear. Diesel, it says on the tag. Nothing to do with Vin Diesel or the type of gasoline used to power a diesel engine. It's just a brand name. I think it could be one size too small though, cause my balls feel like they're suffocating.

Testicles: *choke* *choke* Can't... breathe...
Me: Hold on, I'll go into the corridor and air you two.

The danger of being labeled a flasher should I get caught doing that is pretty high, which is why I go to the window by the stairs and air them. Fresh cool air from outside. As long as the guys don't decide to take a cigarette break, I'm happy, me ballies are happy and happy are those who have not seen and will probably never see.