Monday, October 07, 2002

One, or maybe more, of the air-conditioners in the office broke down. It is now uncomfortably warm and disturbing. There's like this layer of heat all over the body. I know it's raining outside cause I just had my lunch in the shop downstairs but inside the office, it feels like a microwave on reheat. The terrible warmth has probably seeped into my head too, cause I feel another headache coming on. These headaches, by the way, are getting too frequent for comfort. I don't know what it heralds - the last time I had a spate of headaches, I ended up wearing spectacles. Multiple headaches are never a good sign.

The Chinese economy rice shop has closed for the week due to the vegetarian season ( all nine days of them ). I ended up trying the Malay nasi kandar stall ( the only other stall in the place apart from the drinks stall ), but instead of rice, I opted for a plate of beehoon and some egg. They were nice and tasty at RM2. The fish curry which I not-so-generously splattered around my beehoon was spicy but nice, reminding me of a roti canai stall along Anson Road which has closed down a long time ago. I miss that stall, and especially the fish curry there.

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