Friday, October 04, 2002

Vote results:

The Question: Is sleeping in the office an honourable pastime?
Total number of votes: 7

Vote breakdown:
1. It's okay if you're tired and you've no work. (3)
2. Only during lunch. (1)
3. No, you'll be cheating your employers. (2)
4. Pastime? Sleep's what I do in the office. (1)

It's okay if you're tired and you've no work. (3)
This really works, you know. No work, go sleep instead of eating up the company's bandwidth and downloading porn. When work comes, you'll be all fresh and ready to take on the world. Sadly, most employers are not that understanding. They see a sleeping employee, that poor chap's probably fired soon regardless of whether that employee had work or not at that time. But for the three folks who voted for it - you understand the concept of a regenerative productive workplace.

Only during lunch. (1)
I think that if an employee wants to sleep during lunch, there shouldn't be a problem with it. My managers back in eBX were pretty okay with it. In fact, at least one was happier with me sleeping than me playing Quake 2 against the other guys in the department. So whoever who voted for this, we're in this together, choomba.

No, you'll be cheating your employers. (2)
This boils down to whether you're happy with your employers or not. Personally, I don't think this is too big a deal, especially if you followed Choice No. 3 and applied the formula LunchTime = PrivateTime. Unless, of course, you two are pretty conscientious folks.

Pastime? Sleep's what I do in the office. (1)
If you - the one person who believe in this - actually manage to do this in a workplace where you're employed... damn you lucky bastard. To date, only the Simoniac has managed to pull this one off with incredible results ( sleeping at work and getting richer at the same time ), but not anymore.

Okay, I'm pretty cranky as I just went through a short period of unsleep ( the kind where you close your eyes in the office but can't sleep ) during lunch. Add in a a bad headache, a persistent ulcer which refuses to go away and a tongue wound which seems to have festered into an ulcer and... aaaargh.

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