Friday, October 11, 2002

Vote results:

The Question: What is the best remedy for mouth ulcers?
Total number of votes: 9

Vote breakdown:
1. Some wonder mouth ulcer drug / paste. (2)
2. Coffee powder. (0)
3. Lots of rest and water, cut down on the stress. (1)

Guess that most of us are suckers for punishment. Does anyone know how painful salt is? I especially love that squeezing feeling right after contact with salt - oh sweet pain how I love thee. And sometimes, the ulcer might even bleed. Of course, you could always apply that drug / paste thingy ( like two other folks who voted ) - it's usually rather painless, possibly offers a faster healing period and it's more than likely more expensive than salt. Or just be stoic about it and get more rest and water.

So the ulcer / tongue wound of mine has gone away, and I'm happily ingesting small amounts of fish curry everyday during lunch. Now that's occasion to be happy, except that I do still have to watch my food, else my ass gets ripped apart again by Painful Shit From Hell. It's curious, but I never really considered the fact that my stomach would be the source of so much hot stuff.

Elsewhere in Kajang, some sick shit threw a girl off a bridge before raping her at knifepoint. Read it online at The Star. So he causes her grievous injuries, violates her, robs her and then leaves her to die. I hope they catch the perp, throw him off abridge, cut off his dick and leave him there to die.

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