Thursday, October 17, 2002

You would think that the roads of Georgetown wouldn't be busy so close to midnight. Last night, the streets were low on zoomage and high on the crawlage factor. I was expecting the usual hellriders to be whizzing past me but nooo - I got stuck behind quite a few cars carrying full loads of passengers. Some of those passengers even peered at me. I was so tempted to wave back and wink. That's what happens when you have an espresso frappucino ( venti ) for dinner.

When I got back, the clothes hadn't been thrown into the washing machine yet ( big surprise ). Due to the coffee, the wait for the clothes to finish washing and the fact that some Indians downstairs were blaring out crap music, I ended up testing out stuff on my MUD. A bit about those Indians - they were on the ground floor. I live on the 18th floor. The sound was loud enough to bother me. I hope they got arrested or something.

Oh look, Joie awarded me the Weblogger With The Quickest Wit Award. That's awfully nice of her, and I'm not entirely sure I deserve that, but I'll just grin and happily accept it ( gimmegimmegimme ). Thanks, Joie :).

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