Monday, November 25, 2002

Monday at work, and I'm falling asleep. In fact, I nearly nodded off just now as I sat back in my chair. See the danger of an extended weekend? I fell back into that 'sleep at 6am mindset' ( thanks to Starcraft ) and now it's hard - SO HARD - to stay awake when the sun's up in the sky. But those toilet trips to wash the face and some music ( KISS and Apocalyptica ) is helping. The music helps a lot.

My colleagues ( the male ones ) were galloping sideways in the office earlier. They don't run here, but apparently a healthy gallop is the best way to get around fast. At least they don't do it on all fours. But if they do, that'll probably keep me awake.

So it's Monday. I'm sleepy. My stomach's bloated. Sometimes, I feel like I'm trapped in this vicious cycle.

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