Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Went to McDonald's last night, and just what the hell is the quarter-pounder with cheese all about? It's ridiculously overpriced, and it didn't even make me half full. Okay, so maybe the beef patty was a little bigger. But RM5.00 just for that? Geez, I'm going back to Le Big Mac ( which has shrunk so much it should be known as the Medium Mac instead ). This quarter pounder thingy just feels like an overglorified cheeseburger.

Most of McDonald's offerings of late have been pretty dismal ( McBubur, anyone? ), but this one is downright depressing. Maybe I had really high expectations of the quarter pounder with cheese. After all, it was featured in Pulp Fiction ( according to John Travolta, it's known as Royale With Cheese in Paris ).

See the state of the world these days? I swear that aliens all over the galaxy can tell that we're going to hell just from our version of McDonald's.

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