Thursday, December 19, 2002

Christmas approaches, and I'm getting this feeling that I'm going to get fired soon. Again. It happened last year too. Last year around this time, me and a few others back in eBX thought we were going to get fired ( it came true in June the next year ). And here I am again, feeling like I'm going to be unemployed in the near future. Is this a Christmas thingy? Am I doomed to experience these feelings every Christmas?

Lugubrious feelings aside, I had to wake up at FIVE BLOODY THIRTY IN THE MORNING to fetch my sister to camp. At 6.30am, the roti canai stall wasn't opened yet, so I had dimsum instead. It was a stomach-expanding meal for RM8.80, but well worth it. Got home at 7.30am, played Diablo 2 till 8.15am, napped until 8.30am and then left for work. I was in a pretty bad shape - the world was spinning through half-opened eyes and all I wanted was a kind word of good morning from someone. Instead, what I got was a double shot of espresso from Starbucks below. Which worked too.

Sigh. In this office where only one guy talks to me daily, I'm kind of missing eBX. Solitude has its plus points, but its long-term effects can really - REALLY - warp a person's mind. Or maybe it's just the caffeine in me.

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