Friday, December 20, 2002

Have you ever considered committing suicide?
Total number of votes: 14

Vote breakdown:
Yes. (6)
No. (2)
Everyday. (0)
Everytime the shit hits the ceiling. (1)
Hell, I've tried committing suicide. (5)

I've got suicidal thoughts aplenty. Suicide, or so I've been made to believe, usually stems from that 'I can't take it anymore' feeling. Or the 'I'm so sick of living' feeling. Venting one's frustrations at life might help with the tendency to obliterate one's self though. Therefore, to all you suicidal folks out there, here's a friendly Christmas message:

Don't keep everything inside.

( After a most grueling session of overwhelm and beat the shit out of the manager... )
*kick in the ribs*
Give the CEO a bad report about me, eh?
*kick in the ribs*
Think you're so bloody smart, eh?
*kick in the ribs*
Well Merry Christmas, asshole. I hope getting me fired is worth your miserable life.
*throws extremely bruised body of manager off the 26th floor*

And so we make that transition from SUICIDE to HOMICIDE.

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