Wednesday, December 11, 2002

I feel so weak today. I woke up feeling tired. I've been sleepy the whole day since I woke up. Occasionally I fall into yawning fits, where I yawn continuously for a minute or so. The fruit seller didn't turn up today, so no papayas. He must be feeling unwell again, cause he told me that he didn't come on Monday because he wasn't feeling too good. Now I lack the daily three pieces of papayas. I'm currently feeling quite bloated due to excessive water and that packet of bee hoon mee which is fast becoming a staple lunch. However, I've heard rumours that a new shop which sells economy rice has opened downstairs. If that is so, then I should go have a looksee tomorrow during lunch. Koay teow / bee hoon / mee is cheap. But quite valueless in terms of nutrients. I would be happy with some leafy vegetables and maybe an egg or a piece of meat.

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