Tuesday, December 17, 2002

The problem with people and elevators - they like to rush in first, press the floor they want to go to and stand right there next to the elevator controls doing absolutely nothing. It really irritates me when people do that, especially when they stand so close to the controls that you can hardly press the floor you want to go to, let alone keep the doors open for other people. Lower down on the grievance scale are people who rush in, press their floor and flit away to a corner of the elevator. If you want to rush in, at least have the decency to press the 'Door Open' button while others swarm in. It's something of a social courtesy - first one in makes sure that the doors don't close on some desperate fellow trying to get in. Just a little constant pressure on the button - nothing that will kill or unnecessarily tire one out. Is that really too much to ask for? It probably is, especially for some of the people who work here in Gurney Tower.

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