Monday, December 09, 2002

Today is a holiday for me. Which is worrying, cause not everyone is having a holiday. This isn't quite my company's style - usually, if someone in Penang is working, we'll be working too. But now it's like half of Penang or so is working and I'm at home worrying if I have work today. No mails in the company mailbox though, and one of my ex-colleagues confirmed that I had no work over ICQ. So now, all that's left is to fetch my little sister from camp at noon today. And putter around the house. I like puttering around the house. The environment of peace and calm is very soothing, especially after the hot hell-like weather outside during the afternoon.

Oh, and my father did end up watching Die Another Day at 9.50pm. He came back around midnight telling me how good it was, and why I shouldn't miss it. Apparently, it was seriously action-packed, as advertised by the Simoniac.

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