Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Woke up with a migraine. Went to the toilet for my morning shit, ended up bleeding due to a large stubborn piece of excretion. I actually saw blood all over the floor this time. Well, just a number of drops. So with the migraine and the bleedy ass, I decided to skip work. After dropping my sister off at the KOMTAR bus-stop, I roamed around Georgetown for awhile before going to work anyway. Perhaps, I thought, I'll just putter around the office until it was lunch and then go home. While puttering around the office, the migraine went away. So there I was in the office feeling all fine and dandy ( the bleedy ass sensations had subsided, to be continued later in a toilet ), without the all-important LUNCH.

That led me to take a nice stroll to one of the coffeeshops along Gurney Drive, where I became the unwitting victim of legal daylight robbery ( RM3.60 for one of the most miserable plates of chicken rice EVER ). Next time, I'll have to try other stuff. I thought I saw curry mee somewhere, but if everything there is going to be so overpriced I'm going back to my RM1 packet of mee from the morning.

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