Friday, January 31, 2003

Television series ( eg. ER, Friends ) are:
Total number of votes: 11

Vote breakdown:
1. A waste of time - I don't bother with them. (1)
2. Something I watch every now and then. (4)
3. What I look forward to every week. (3)
4. My new religion. (2)
5. Just like my life. (1)

Thursday, January 30, 2003

You CAN drink too much water. I guess my seven litres of water everyday is one of the reasons why I'm so prone to dizziness, nausea and this overwhelming feeling of weakness. All that and the bloated stomach. At least, I think it's the problem. Instead of gulping down water now ( it's one of my more obscure talents, water-gulping ), I sip. It's not easy. I've been quaffing bottles of water daily since young, and now I'm trying to go back to eight cups of water per day. And you know, even with sipping, I might not be able to control the water intake? Sure, I take in less water, but I take in water more often. Maybe I should just control the amount of water taken at work - 600ml before lunch, 600ml after lunch. Gah, that sounds horrible. Especially since we just got eight new water bottles in the office. Water resupplied, and here I am, not being able to finish them all.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

The office is out of water, and the resupply doesn't happen until tomorrow. I finished my bottle of water earlier, and now I'm resorting to the backup bottles which I hoarded the last time this happened. Unfortunately, they've been lying in my drawer for months now. So the water texture feels really weird and the bottles have this really weird stench ( probably due to the drawer ). I can't believe I've been reduced to drinking stale ( expired beyond a doubt ) water. Which is cool as long as I don't die of some toxic poisoning, or mutate into some kind of slime monster.

One of the three elevators in the tower is also out of order. This leaves us with just two elevators, and that's not enough to handle the number of people going up and down the building. The number of people waiting today was horrible. I see a quick getaway after work for me today.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

There is much joy in being able to shit properly. Instead of screaming my head off, I sit and whistle till everything's out. Instead of seeing blood on the toilet paper ( and inwardly telling myself to increase the papaya intake ), I smile with no small satisfaction as I flush everything down the drain. Yes, much joy there is. Everyone takes an easy shit for granted. Most people, of course, never have to deal with the pain that is constipation. According to what I've read, some do at a certain point in their little lives, but only at a certain point. They don't have to continuously watch their diet like certain people who blog about shit every now and then. And so they take shitting for granted ( except for the time when their shit gets all yellowish and watery, but that usually only happens when they're sick ).

I *know*, though. I know the pain which accompanies the extremely hard "Oh God I've got the moon coming out of my ass" kind of defecation. I've seen the red trails of blood running down the toilet bowl to converge with the floating logs of feces below. I can't give a comparison of the pain, although shoving a fat broomstick up your shithole might come close. Haven't tried that myself ( no reason to ), but if you feel the inclination, watch those splinters - you do not want tiny shards of wood sticking out of your butthole.

Monday, January 27, 2003

It's hard to break away from the black. I've been planning to go for a green / brown motif this year in clothes, but I've still been stuck with my black wardrobe. Today marks the first day I'm wearing a green ( or maybe brown ) shirt to work. I don't look too good in it though. I look wider, and this isn't just an aftereffect of the weekend.

Anyway, I'm - story of my life - lacking sleep as usual. I'm trying hard not to fall unconscious during work anymore though. The telephone's helping a lot - ever since the rest of the office evacuated for lunch, I've had numerous phonecalls asking for my missing colleagues. Not to mention my neighbours, who're having a drilling and knocking bout somewhere. It must be the renovations. It was pretty warm this morning in the office, but now it's cold, and the cold's seeping into my head for headache delivery.

Your animal for today is the babirusa. Cute little bugger, isn't it? Makes you wonder how it'll taste like butterfried with onion sauce.

Friday, January 24, 2003

When you're going to fart in an area full of people, you:
Total number of votes: 12

Vote breakdown:
1. Run to a secluded area with no one. (0)
2. Let it out - your fart has neither smell nor sound. (1)
3. Let it out quietly and blame the nearest person for the smell. (1)
4. Do a silent fart and act real innocent. (8)
5. Fart as loud as possible and laugh at the disgusted people around. (2)

So another person in my office is leaving. With yet another one scheduled to leave later, the total number of engineers left will be like what? Six? Geez. We are hiring new engineers though. Need to fill up the void here. Anyway, everyone else is out for his farewell lunch, which is just another way to spend a lot of money on food. As usual, by choice, I get caretaker duty.

Last night's Buffy marathon ended at 1.30am. My sister went to sleep right after that, but I puttered around my room for awhile until nearly 3.00am and look at me now. The Return of the Living Dead. I just dozed off for awhile earlier, and now I think my brain's lacking blood. Bad dozing posture. Anyway, while in the process of puttering around at 2.30am, my father came home and told me that there was a big group of young guys hanging around downstairs. Apparently the PC gambling den was still open, and they were waiting outside it. So first there were video game shops. Then came the Internet cafes. And now PC gambling dens. My area kind of missed the Internet cafe phase, but these new gambling shops seem to be popping up here and there now. I don't usually mind, but when you have large groups of young people hanging around at 2am, things get a little worrying.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

The gas, happily, is gone. After a night of rest ( no more itching - DEFINITELY a mosquito problem that night ), I woke up feeling less dead this morning, although I wasn't exactly bursting with energy. So there I was, dozing away at my desk, when it hit me that I was soon to be condemned to Hong Kong for a week or two. Soon. Heh. Personally I wonder if I'm ever going to be sent there. I hope I won't though. Not that I have anything personal against Hong Kong. People keep telling me about how pretty the girls there are, but that's not really the point. If I can get my hands on a trenchcoat, I'm going to go mope around town and brood like David Boreanaz in Angel. Speaking of which, Angel Season 1 DVDs will be offered in next month's copy of Previews. Yes thank you God.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Gas... gah, my stomach's bloated with gas. The discomfort is slowly progressing from uncomfortable to distracting. I remember the last time I got a really bad case of gas - it was right after my finals in UM. I was back in Penang, and I woke up to a hellish disturbance in the stomach. A lot of techniques from trying to vomit to drinking a lot of water didn't work, not until I brought out Eno and that solved the problem. Ah... for a glass of Eno now. Damn gas. Can't burp, can't fart... something must be clogging up the works somewhere. It doesn't help that hunger pangs come and go every now and then too.
It's close to bloody 3am. Something's been biting me - my father says it's red ants, but I'm thinking mosquitoes. Whatever the cause, all those massive bitings have resulted in me waking up at this ungodly hour. I can't sleep anymore. Adrenaline's still pumping throughout my body, and my stomach feels a little queasy from God knows what. So here I am, insomniac me, falling sick in the small wee hours of the morning. Fark those insects, I'm going to wipe out the insect world someday.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

The day after Thaipusam. Mich C's finally back, a little sick, but back all the same. That is cause for happiness.

However, the extra holiday yesterday has taken a toll on me - four late nights in a row does not a coherent Prosey make. In fact, the Voyager marathons, Buffy season 3 marathons ( with accompanying little sister ) and the PS2 marathons have pretty much worn me out. My mind's no longer a fertile ground for deep intellectual thoughts. Sure, I can still debate the validity of a sincere apology, but figure out how to get Thai fonts to display correctly? Hello? Braindead me, anyone?

Fortunately, it isn't one of those interminably long days. Maybe it's because I'm pretty overladen with work. Time disappears when you've so much to do. I've also been bombarding myself with the Cheeky Song ( Touch My Bum ) by the Cheeky Girls - you can check them out at their website. It's not really my kind of song, but it's fun in an intellect-numbing way. Repetitive beat, Transylvanian girls telling you to touch their bums cause this is life... works wonders in the IQ-reduction department.

Hmm... body feels like it's dying again. I'm sure that this is rather healthy - that which does not kill you makes you stronger - but personally I would very much prefer not falling sick. The office's suddenly gotten pretty chilly too. Gah, this is intolerable. I wanna go home and collapse into my bed. Right now, I'm taking out my rage and frustration on the occasional red ant who wanders by my table.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Here with us today: Buffy Season 3 ( and NOT 6 as previously mentioned ) DVD set.
Tomorrow: Mich C ( yay! ).

Friday, January 17, 2003

Ideally, how many hours would you like to work a day?
Total number of votes: 13

Vote breakdown:
1. The standard 9 to 5. (1)
2. As many as it takes to get my job done in time. (1)
3. As many as my company wants me to. (0)
4. As little as possible. (2)
5. Ideally I wouldn't like to work. (9)

Let's face it - most of us are just freeloading bums at heart. That's obvious, I guess, with a small minority preferring to do at least a little work ( and one case actually going for the standard 9 to 5 ). I'm a bum too, but too much non-work gets me down. Must be a flaw in me - the inability to bum for long periods of time.

After a pretty long hiatus, it would appear that CoolChique is back. This time, she's into literature *oowah*. Currently she's reading some book about some dick.

Right now, I'm farting like crazy. I should have gone for a shit earlier, but the urge just wasn't there. And just suddenly my ass is releasing German gas all around. Well, that makes the area around me off-limits for the moment. Go away, ye office people who are thirsty. I'm doing WATER DOMINATION by bad odours. Fresh Odore ala Pros all around.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Norah Jones is killing me. I know that her songs are a bit on the lullaby side - easy-listening that will put you to sleep. So I downloaded a couple just to try them out. After listening to them over and over again, I feel like ending my life. Don't know why, maybe it's just the slow "I'll lull you to sleep" beat of the songs. The subliminal messages which the recording industry embedded into the songs ("Buy original CDs! Buy original CDs!") were probably warped by my already chaotic mindset, and I ended up getting suicide suggestions instead. You see the risks of embedded subliminal messages in CDs now? You can never tell who's listening on the other side. Sure, you might get your average freeloader to actually go out and buy an original audio CD every blue moon *cough*, but what about your not-so-average listener who's on a depression binge? Or someone whose mind is so warped that those messages could be twisted into something else? Does anyone even care if someone could get suicidal listening to "buy original" subliminals? Not the culprits who put those messages in in the first place, that's for sure!

Bah, this is all so suicidally pointless. I need to go listen to more Norah Jones. Maybe I'll be inspired to jump out of the broken window between the 15th and 16th floor of my office building after work. Personally, I wonder how it got broken in the first place. Why it has yet to be fixed isn't really a question, not with the phrases "Stupid Lift" and "Stupid Management" nicely written on the stairwell of every floor.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

"Probably sometime next week" is when I might be sent to Hong Kong. The folks there are running around putting things into order. I'm a bit disturbed as to my actual job specification when I go there though - it sounds too much like software specialist. People are going to ask me questions I'm supposed to be able to answer. Throw in that funky Hong Kong accent and I might not be able to understand most of what they're talking about.

Anyway, back on the homefront, the red ants situation in my house is escalating. I've killed a few crawling around my clothes drawer ( ants in the underpants? urgh ). I've killed a few large ones in the bathroom. I kill a lot everytime I use the dinner table. Where do these ants come from? No one really knows. Preliminary investigations indicate that their base of operations is situated somewhere within the walls, judging from their ingress and egress of the rare aperture located all over the house. We've disrupted their commutation routes time and again with liberally applied Shelltox. However, this seems to have little effect, as the ants return after a day or two. It's becoming something of a real pest problem, cause every other day, a red ant never fails to find its way into my clothes, and then I have to scratch my balls at work.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I caught an extra hour of sleep last night ( turned in at 1am instead of 2am ), so I'm not just dropping off to dreamaland on my way to the toilet anymore. My Hong Kong trip has been delayed ( hopefully forever ), so I've been put on standby, ready to fly at a moment's notice. Yup, that's me. Standby Prose... I'll stand while the planes fly by. The waiting's a potential killer though. Every night before I sleep I keep asking myself, "Could tomorrow be the day they tell me to pack up for Hong Kong?" I think I've added more white to my hair and more wrinkles to my face, not to mention some additional weight ( I consume without thinking when I'm worried ). My work specification there also seems to have morphed a little for the worse. Certain signs indicate I could even be writing boring *gulp* documentation over there. That's right. Not only is the cold going to render me barely functional, mindblastingly boring workloads are going to turn me into a catatonic vegetable.

Monday, January 13, 2003

The espresso got to me last night. At 2am I was still wide awake, sitting down in front of my PC wondering what was going on. Now I pay the price of my folly. My mouth's in a permanent yawn, I keep dozing off and the only reason why I'm blogging now is to keep me awake. That, and to stop me from strangling the asshole who can't stop playing the bloody ketchup song. I swear, it's grating on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. I get the same urge to kill krush destrrrroy. Those girls who did the ketchup song? I would like to turn them into ketchup myself. With those giant rollers they use to tar roads. And I would also love to also roll over my colleague whose idea of a condusive working environment is playing that song OVER and OVER again. I don't think it's amusing. In fact, with the lack of sleep, it's making me cranky. Let drowsy dogs lie, damnit. I've stirred, and now I'm looking for blood to turn the office carpet red.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

The espresso has finally taken effect. I probably shouldn't have taken half of my sister's vanilla latte - it's made my head feel heavy, made it hard for me to concentrate and now I suspect that it's going to keep me up the whole night. I'm also feeling a little woozy... probably something inside didn't agree with me.

Anyway, Mich C and her mother left for China yesterday. They're going there for vacation ( although I've been told it will be freezing there ), and there's no way for me to contact her. Separation anxiety, people. I've chewed all my nails ( including the ones on my toes ) down to red bare skin. I've walked around my room aimlessly a few times today. Life is a daze. I'm missing her already, and that damnable upcoming Hong Kong trip of mine is going to make the missing all that longer. Here's hoping for a cancellation.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Music piracy ala MP3s on the Internet is:
Total number of votes: 13

Vote breakdown:
1. Very very wrong and illegal. (0)
2. Justified if the cost of music is overinflated. (2)
3. What cheap people indulge in. (0)
4. An alternative for the poor among us. (6)
5. An art I've perfected over the years. (5)

I can't believe no one thinks it's very very wrong and illegal. Then again, the recording companies milking us for as much as possible for a single music CD qualifies as a crime in my books. Personally, I don't really like those so-called enhanced CDs. You know, the kind which comes with screensavers and wallpapers? It's irritating when there's an autorun feature on the CD - stupid thing runs every time it's popped into a computer. I want music, not a features-burdened CD.

I'm now attempting to prep a notebook to bring to Hong Kong with me. My only notebook experience has been surfing on Mich C's laptop, so I suppose that this will be a pretty good experience. I wonder if the hotel I'll be living in has those ports you can just plug a network cable in to access the Internet. Good Lord, why is WinAmp one of the startup applications on this machine? These people have issues.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Passport collection day today. I woke up at the usual time, dilly-dallied all around the house, read the PS2 Tony Hawk 4 review ( yes I'll be getting it soon ) and then made my way to the immigration office. And when I reached there... I realized that I could only collect my passport after 2pm. Yippee. By then it was almost 9am. A mad rush back to the office ensued, and after driving my car up the pavement due to the lack of parking spaces at that late hour, I realized that I neglected to buy any breakfast.

It's not that I need breakfast or I would absolutely shrivel away and die, but breakfast would have helped. A LOT. By 10.30am I was already feeling a little weak. By 12pm I was pretty much wasting away. The hunger went away when I had to leave for the immigration office again at 1.30pm, but the damage had been done. My trip to the immigration office in the brilliantly hot sun ("Brilliant, Mr. Sun. Absolutely brilliant.") was pretty dreamlike. I did feel a little better after Penang's Best Beef Koay Teow at the Beach Street food court ( which wasn't that good after all to begin with ). However, the heat and the lack of food earlier must have gotten to me, cause the rest of the afternoon was spent in a semi-feverish stupor. All I want to do is lie down and die somewhere cool and comfortable.

Anyway, my Hong Kong trip is not tomorrow anymore. It isn't even this coming Sunday, which is supposed to be the new date of departure. It's "sometime next week, which could be anytime right after they've settled the negotiations, so you just get your passport and get ready", or so I've been informed. Oh well. I just want to get Hong Kong over and done with.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Here's the story in the Star today:

Sisters killed in pre-dawn blaze

A few points...
* The mother did not ask them to hide in a cupboard ( hearsay! ).
* The Star reported that the fire broke out at 4.55am, but I still think that it started earlier.
* The police hasn't reported out foul play, although Von Darke told me that the Chinese papers last night reported that the fire could have been started by the deceased kids' fathers friends ( purported drug addicts ).
* I didn't know that Malays lived in that area.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Apart from the fire, today is also Passport Day. The early 7am queue at the immigration office was kind of short - I even got to sit down by the stairs. And then, just before the office opened at 8am, I realized that my wallet was bloody missing. So I slipped backwards in the queue, and ended up getting the number 1008 ( first number being 1001, I think ). The moment I got my number, I ran back to my car with every intention to drive home and back in record time, but it turned out that my wallet was on my handbrake - I must have left it there when I took out the wallet to count the money. After that came another run back to the passport office - and since the immigration office's computer system was down, it was already number 1006.

Yes, the office's System Down Day meant that the numbers flew by superfast, but it also meant that I had to come back at 2pm to pay for my passport. At least there was no queue this time, although I was feeling pretty winded due to the heat and the lack of sleep last night.

Anyway, update on the fire. There's now a black empty void at night where there once used to be lights. It's a little scary looking at the blackness - gives me the shudders. My sister told me that the fire missed her friend's house by three houses. Apparently, the fire started around 3 something in the morning, and was caused by drug addicts. Tragically, there were rumours of casualties - three I've heard of, two being some kids whose mother told them to hide in a cupboard. I don't know if this is true or not, but the thought did spoil my dinner. Anyway, I'm still suspecting arson myself.

In a loosely related event, I went to Prangin Mall today to buy a book for my trip to Hong Kong. It was the only cheap ( RM12.90 ) Stephen King book which I had yet to buy, and I didn't realize the distant connection until I was walking back to my house - I had to go and buy Firestarter today of all days.
When I woke up at 6am this morning, I thought the yellow glow through my window was a little odd. When I went out to the hall, my father was already up, watching the squatter area opposite our flats burning. It was horrible - at that time, I could see flames billowing out from the wooden bakau frames of the houses. The strong morning wind - usually something to wake up to - worsened the situation considerably by spreading the fire faster.

The fire department was there. The police department was there. There could have been ambulances around too. My father said that the fire department couldn't get to the fire because the lanes were too narrow. So entire stretches of houses burned. Entire families lost their homes. Students living there who should have been getting ready for the second day of school were instead watching their homes get destroyed. I truly hope that no lives were lost.

The sight of the fire was unsettling. If you spend some time to think about all those families living there, the thought gets deeply disturbing. Even worse were the sounds. My sister was whining about being late for school, so I went back to bed while she used the toilet first. However, I couldn't go back to sleep. Even though I had shut the windows and the curtains, I could still hear the occasional popping sounds coming from the direction of the fire. Snap, crackle and pop. It reminded me of those scout campfires, when the heated air in the bamboos caused them to explode. Except that this was on a more massive scale and people were losing their homes, their belongings and I pray not their lives. For some demented reason, Gregory North singing 'Campfire Burning' came to mind and wouldn't go away.

Most of the residents living in the flats had awakened - there were a lot of people standing outside in their nightclothes. I guess a fire of this magnitude is kind of hard to miss. After the initial newsflash from my father, my neighbour dropped by to give me more details on the fire. Started around 4 something in the morning, spreaded like wildfire thanks to the high density of the wooden homes and the wind.

At 7am, I headed off to the passport office. The fire was still raging, but the wooden frames were all gone. The only thing left of the areas which were ablaze was a fiery wasteland, a veritable hell on earth.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

This weekend, Mich C and I went to Ipoh to attend her coursemate's wedding. It was held in the Heritage Hotel, where the food was excellent, there was free-flowing alcohol and I'm still regretting not sampling that obscenely huge lump of glutinous rice. Truly, the food was impressive. Stuffed duck. Sharksfin soup ( which was superb, not like those el cheapo rip-offs you tend to get in those el cheapo restaurants I frequent ). That ridiculously delicious fish. Heck, even the four seasons dish - which I usually avoid - was fully meat ( as opposed to cheap vegetables ).

The entertainment was pretty good. The bride's brother did a rather funny toast. The DJ, some Indian guy, was passably funny ( although I think he dragged out the James Bond joke way too long ). The Darma / Dharma Orchestra which played traditional Chinese instruments was superb - the DJ claimed that they receive standing ovations at concerts, and I can see why. There was a lady who was singing every now and then - Ms. Tan something something. She wasn't too bad. Michelle Yeoh's mother turned up to sing too, but some guy whom I think might have been pretty drunk went up on stage to sing along with her too. It became rather funny after awhile - in fact, the funniest thing to happen all night.

The company at our table was pretty Cantonese, as they were mostly Mich C's old schoolmates ( except for two other guys and a girl ). Needless to say, my conversation that evening was limited to a few smatterings of conversation with Mich C and one or two lines of words with those at the table who pitied me enough to talk to me in English. Now, I'll be doing this for a whole week or so when I'm sentenced to Hong Kong in the ominously near future. Someone please go collect my corpse and bring it home if I lose it and jump out of the hotel window.

All in all, I think this must be the most impressive wedding dinner I've ever been to. No expenses were spared ( you don't really have to spare expenses if you're the bride and your father owns the hotel the dinner is held in ), I finally got to experience good sharksfin soup again and the live dinner orchestra was rather engaging.

And after that, after we made a short stop to an extremely loud and smoky nightspot to take some pictures with the bride, Mich C brought me to St. Michael's Institution and the surrounding area. We even passed by Seri Kinta, the market and the economy rice stall where I ate with the other SXI scouts back in 1992. Ah... nostalgia. Much thanks to Mich C for the opportunity to go back in time in my mind again.

Observation about Ipoh: The place is loaded with roundabouts. It's like they have a roundabout at the end of every other junction or so. Not that it's bad or anything. Traffic in town was pretty light for a Saturday night. There were even parking lots available at the nightspot area. Like, whoa.

Friday, January 03, 2003

Grave news. I'm now a fully employed employee of the company I work in ( sans extra pay and extra benefits ), and I might be scheduled to go to Hong Kong come next Friday. Fark. Fark fark fark. Cause my trip to Hong Kong is one of those really screwed up trips where you don't get to leave the office. Just commute between the office and the hotel / hostel / dump you get to live in. I can't believe I'm going to miss Roswell and Dark Angel on Thursday night for this.
Do you have any New Year resolutions for 2003?
Total number of votes: 9

Vote breakdown:
1. But of course. (1)
2. Any? I have tons of resolutions. (0)
3. I gave up on resolutions a looong time ago. (1)
4. I never wait for New Year to make resolutions. (2)
5. I don't make resolutions. (5)

I used to make New Year resolutions. But my goals were pretty lofty ( grow thinner, don't touch self so much ), so I ended up ditching all of them by mid-January. In fact, when 2003 appeared at midnight this year, resolutions were not even on my mind. I think that as time passed, I've come to realize that for myself, change is best when it's a gradual process - not a resolution to be made and kept.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Happy New Year, all. Apart from the cheery rainy weather we've been having, my house has also been invaded by an army of red ants. Damn those ants, they're everywhere. Something my sister downloaded killed off Windows XP, so I had to do a reinstallation which took up a good part of my New Year holiday. One good thing which came out of that - my C drive has been freed of A LOT of space. Aah... new year, new installation of operating system.

AND most importantly... I've finally finished the Shadows of the Avatar trilogy ( God was that a LONG read ).