Friday, February 28, 2003

Two nights ago, I dreamt I was back in school, fighting the good fight in the year when it would all go to hell ( STPM year, anyone? ). Last night I dreamt I was back living in college ( my university years ), with Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris and Buffy Summers selling food for a charity fair in New Lane nearby. Weird? Yes, although it felt most natural during the dream. I swear, only in dreams can you walk out of a building in Petaling Jaya and end up on a road in Penang and yet feel that everything is fine and geographically accurate. Strangely, these dreams leave me feeling refreshed when I wake up. No Zombie Prose stumbling blindly towards the toilet door, but a somewhat perplexed one instead. I mean, Willow selling me lava balls*? What was that all about?

Note: Lava balls - like nothing I have seen like. Well, maybe it looks similar to some Indian snacks I've seen during St. Anne's in Bukit Mertajam. It look round and fried, but after she prepared it, there was a layer of wet flour covering it, making it look like a curry puff. The insides ( the balls ) tasted pretty crunchy though. And it didn't look like this - the colour was more yellowish, it was round and a whole lot smaller.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Heatwave... aaargh... heatwave... headache's melting my head.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

How was Valentine's Day?
Total number of votes: 10

Vote breakdown:
1. Out of this world. (0)
2. Nice, just nice. (5)
3. The usual ho-hum. (1)
4. It was depressing. (2)
5. I don't give a damn about it. (2)
New printer in the house! I traded in my old Epson Stylus Color 300 for a new Epson Stylus C41SX at the Epson trade-in fair in Prangin Mall. It seems pretty okay, I guess. Not as fast as I would like, but my sister will be happy. Colour. Pah. There are too few reasons for me to print things out in colour. But my sister... children these days, they just want things to look snazzy and colourful. They put too much stock into style. A simple piece paper with all the required information is not enough. Oh nooo... they want pretty colourful borders. Anyway, 12 pages per minute ( black and white ) is sufficient, I guess. For now.

By the way, did anyone else notice Blogspot doing the whacky recently? First the most recent posts disappeared, then blogs of those who haven't been posting lately vanished. Oddness.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

A year ago, 20:02 hours tonight made the date a palindrome. Yes, 20:02 20-02-2002, or 20:02 02-20-2002. And, um, that's about all on my shallowed mind today. I'm feeling a bit grouchy ( nearly bit Bentong Chris' head off this morning over ICQ - sorry, old chap ) due to factors not entirely within my control. *Grouch* *grouch* *grouch*...

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

The scary thing about bursting a pimple is you never can tell what's in it. Like today. The pimple just beneath my nose was getting to be really bothersome ( read: big and painful ). So at around 3.30pm, I went to the toilet to destroy it. Upon closer inspection, I saw thin black thingies inside it along with the usual yellow goo, but I was cool with that. After I burst the pimple ( splashing quite a generous amount of yellow stuff on the toilet mirror ), I noticed that the black stuff inside was kind of... insectlike ( sans the legs ). And there wasn't just one, but two. Two wholesome black slices of... something. Now, I've had many pimples before, and this wasn't the usual pimple stuff. I'm thinking that some bedbug decided to lay her eggs right beneath my nose, but that's a rather disturbing thought. Right now, I'm removing the remains of the pimple ( blood and all ). It's going to be a sticky keyboard for awhile, but nothing I can't live with. Here's hoping that it's just another superinflated pimple.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I've never fully recovered from the eating spree that was Chinese New Year. The food was good, but after that, I've been gaining weight pretty steadily. Well actually, pretty steadily is kind of an understatement. I've been ballooning out is more like it. And it's hard, you know, to control the weight factor. I eat little for breakfast, and that makes me ravenous during lunch. So I eat a little bit for lunch, which makes me ravenous by dinner. I eat an average meal for dinner, but I'm never really full, so by 10pm, I'm ready to eat the fridge. All right, so I'm weak. I'm a weak-willed food addict who has to indulge himself every night, even if it's just an Uncle Toby power bar ( at the minimal ). Eating before sleeping is the work of the Devil. Gluttony is a sin! One of seven deadly sins! Shame! Shame!

Monday, February 17, 2003

I'm starting off the week feeling bloated and fat. That is the norm, with the exception of my fart, which has somehow turned lethally poisonous ( just a whiff will kill you ). God knows what I ate, but I'm suspecting the oysters on Saturday night. They tasted shitty back then, and I didn't manage to shit yesterday. In fact, if I concentrate real hard, I think I can still taste the shittish oyster taste in my mouth. Stomach-churning, I assure you. Still, better the poison fart then food poisoning, though.

Memo: No more oysters at the Lorong Selamat corner coffeeshop.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Do you tend to feel sorry for yourself?
Total number of votes: 11

Vote breakdown:
1. I never feel sorry for myself. (2)
2. I do, but I get rid of it as soon as I realize it. (1)
3. Only when things get really bad. (3)
4. On and off, yes. (1)
5. I do wallow in misery every now and then. (2)
6. I'm the master of self-pity. (2)

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Another chair bites the dust. This is the second metal chair I've killed in my house. Maybe it isn't me. Maybe my silly sister stood on it to take her bloody bag from the shelf above. Or maybe it is me - last night's Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 marathon must have been a real strain on the metal. Damnit, I need one of those chairs which won't bend with weight. I'm thinking a wooden stool - if anything it'll teach me to maintain proper posture. More likely I'll get a nice comfy chair I can lean back in.

I thought the Romanian Cheeky Girls were pretty hot, but Russia's Tatu is hotter. Musicwise, the latter's song - All The Things She Said - is way better than the Cheeky Song ( Pinch My Bum Already ). And you know, unlike the Cheeky Girls, Lena and Yulia do kiss each other in their music video. Not all THAT shocking, though. I thought it was going to be mind-blowing. However, you might find them appealing if you dig the implications of semi-paedophiliac lesbian sex ( schoolgirls kissing in the rain ). Me, I think I'm going back to Sid Vicious doing Frank Sinatra's My Way.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

It's been a long, harrowing day. Long. Harrowing. The kind where I felt like I had adrenaline flowing through my veins from 9.00am to 4.30pm. I prefer the slow, sleepy days, although this was pretty fun ( in an extreme sports kind of way ). The harrowing was all my fault. Not too long ago, I opened my big mouth and told everyone that Product A had Feature XYZ. Later ( early this morning, to be precise ), I found out that Feature XYZ was not bundled with Product A. This is why Idiot Engineer 8472 spent a good deal of today trying to emulate Feature XYZ. Farkity fark. Days like this, they turn more of my hair white. Not that there's much hair on top of my head at the moment, since I just had a haircut last night. Oh well, now I'm too tired to sleep. A good thing tomorrow is a holiday.

Monday, February 10, 2003

The day after the weekend ( Monday ), and I'm feeling sluggish and fat and weary. My old spectacles, yellowed with age, isn't helping much either. The left lense keeps dropping off every now and then. I nearly stepped on it just now when I went to collect some printings. I was walking to the printer, and suddenly my left eye wasn't seeing too clearly anymore. A good thing I took the time to slow down, else I might have stepped on the fallen lense. My hair's pretty overgrown by now too. Put the hair and the bug specs together and you get a pretty freaky looking guy ( that would be me ).

Sunday, February 09, 2003

12am earlier this morning was that skygod worshipping time of the year again. This was what I thought about the occasion last year. This year, it wasn't that loud. Even my neighbours just unleashed a brief moment of insanity-inducing noise before things spluttered out. The rest of the flats nearby, however, were pretty much caught up in the mood of the season. We had loud Moon Traveller clones, multiple firecrackers going off everywhere as if nobody was trying to sleep at that ungodly hour and my particular favourite - the silent lanterns floating serenely up towards the sky. Now, those were very nice. They gave the night this really beautiful lit-up feeling, especially with their large numbers, and most importantly - they were SILENT.

Friday, February 07, 2003

Are you in the mood for Chinese New Year?
Total number of votes: 11

Vote breakdown:
1. Yes! Angpow time! (3)
2. Been looking forward to it. (3)
3. I'm ambivalent about it. (2)
4. Nah, not really. (1)
5. No thanks, I'll pass. (2)

Thursday, February 06, 2003

I'm seeing the world through sepia-tinted glasses. Literally. My superglued lense-to-frame spectacles broke again last night. Apparently, the glue wasn't super enough. So I had to invoke an older pair of spectacles, one which is so old the lenses have turned a little yellow. It's a big pair of spectacles too, with a pretty heavy ( not to mention sturdy ) frame. By the way, I look bug-eyed now. If only to SEE ALL OF YOU OUT THERE BETTER.

On the office front, the damn city council drew parking lots all over the road where office workers in the tower I work in park their cars. And now they've started to charge for parking. By the hour. There's also a yellow line on the other side of the road, so there's no more parking on both sides of the road anymore. Throw in the extra parking fees and you get quite a few empty parking lots in the morning. Only people who can afford to pay for a full day of parking can afford to park there daily. Others will have to find alternatives, which includes a flat rate of RM4 ( hotel carpark, if you don't go out for lunch ) daily or more walking ( my preferred choice ). Bloody city council, trying to squeeze out as much money as possible from us.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

I had a three course breakfast this morning - pineapple tarts and peanut cookies, a cup of cheap espresso ( the one that you can buy in satchets ) and some papaya ( the fruitstall near my house was already open at that time ). That really perked me up. However, it is lunch time now, and the cup of Earl Grey is preventing me from dozing off! Damn caffeine! And as usual, the coffee and the tea are having an adverse effect on me - weird thoughts are creeping all over my mind. Maybe I'm just sleepy without being able to sleep. Nightmarish feeling, that.

Semi-coherent Evil Thought: I'm still keymaster. This opens up possibilities which doesn't have to involved property destruction or theft in the office.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

The frame of my spectacles broke last night. My father and I used superglue to glue the lense to the frame, and now it's an inconvenience. Actually, it's pretty annoying. The weight feels weird, and I keep on getting the urge to just tear the whole spectacles apart. It's something like having a toothache or standing close to the edge of a skyscraper's roof - in the former, you want to go postal on the guilty tooth by ripping it out with your bare hands and in the latter, you feel the urge to jump off.

Chinese New Year is still very much in the air. There are only three people in the office today. Since I was elected keymaster for today and tomorrow, I turned up early for work... only to find that my evil bosses changed the code to enter the office during the weekend. And one of them didn't even know that we started work today. And worse, none of them even bothered to inform us that the code had been changed. This lack of communication really is intolerable. I wasted half an hour of working time suffocating in the corridor outside.

Due to the expanded girth of my belly, I've started to tuck out my shirt. This condition will persist until I've managed to reduce it again. Belly reduction shouldn't be a problem now that Chinese New Year is over. There's this deep-seated feeling of relief, and also a strange sadness - I'm going to miss the food.

Here we go with a picture I snapped last night. It's very amateur, done in the spirit of fun, experimentation and burn-out ( it's been tiring playing games, watching Voyager and reading books non-stop ). Ladies and gentlemen... the Eye.

Monday, February 03, 2003

Holidays. You gotta love holidays. Especially the ones where you get to stay at home and pretty much do whatever you want. I've put these four days to good use. I've managed to finish reading two books, complete two console games and watch quite a number of Voyager episodes ( I'm finally in Season 3 ). Not exactly productive in the classic sense, but there's this feeling of progression here.

Chinese New Year isn't Chinese New Year without overstocked food supplies. So far, I've managed to keep my fridge and larder from overflowing, but at tremendous cost to my stomach. I'm don't look like Jabba the Hutt anymore - I am Jabba the Hutt. And if anyone out there pisses me off, I'll just go sit on the perpetrator and smother the person to death. Ho ho ho ho ho...

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Today was Friend Reunion Day, when I met up with old school friends. Sadly, I find it hard to talk to them these days. For me, it's hard to find common ground - we've lost contact for so long that there is so little we have left which we can talk about. When our different interests are factored in, I wonder if we can even still be called peers. Everyone is so obviously different from who they once were. Well, maybe not that different. But people do change. I've expected it. I've seen it. But for some odd reason, something in me prevents me from reaching my old friends. It's difficult to make things click again. I don't know what it is. I would like to know though. It's an irritation, an oddity which I would like to come to terms with. My isolation is slowly detaching me from the human race, and that can't be healthy.

Note: Joie's blog - Life In Louisiana - is now known as Moving On.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Happy Chinese New Year, people.

Someone singing reaaally badly on a loudspeaker woke me up at 9am this morning. You would think that after all the gambling and celebrations last night, people would want to sleep in this morning. Apparently, not everyone thinks that way.

Anyway, Chinese New Year in my place has changed rather radically. What used to be World War 3 has been reduced to a few sporadic bursts of fireworks and firecrackers. Although I am grateful for the relative peace, there's still this feeling that things just aren't the same anymore. Chinese New Year feels quite... bland sans the Chinese Cacophony Orchestra outside.