Monday, March 31, 2003

As I was eating my dinner at home, an ambulance dropped by somewhere at the back and then roared off again, sirens howling away. That's creepy, considering that this must have happened just last night when the gunshot victim was carted off to the hospital for bullet extraction.

Anyway, last night's incident was in today's papers. According to the police, it wasn't a robbery - in fact, the victim was a triad leader. There was no mention of any 'four persons', or any Indian. Talk about misinformation *sheesh*. I actually bought a reload coupon for my handphone from that shop before, but they were pretty expensive, so I never went back there again.
Shooting incident! When I came back from Mich C's place, there were a lot of people around the Maybank near my house. After parking my car, I went to take a look. The police were there, and they had cordoned off the area around the handphone shop ( Winner Communications ) near the Maybank ATMs. This is what I gathered from hanging around:

  1. The shooting occured around 10 something at night.

  2. There was a lot of blood loss.

  3. Sex of victim unknown, but he / she was rushed to the hospital ASAP.

  4. There was an unconfirmed rumour of brains on the floor.

  5. There was a line of conversation going around regarding an Indian guy who supposedly lived on the 16th floor of somewhere who was also the founder of some traditional dance. It might have been some random coincidence, or everyone might have been talking about the Indian guy who was dusting for fingerprints.

  6. I heard at least two sources mentioning something about 'four people', but that could be unrelated.

I hung around for awhile to see them bring out the bodies, until someone mentioned that the victim had been rushed to the hospital. Initially I just floated around aimlessly, catching parts of handphone conversations. After awhile, I stuck to a couple of old ladies, who started to chat about the incident. We were joined by a man, and I left them when conversation drifted off to something which happened in Farlim last week. By that time, the police had cordoned off more of the area around the ATMs, so I had to go squeeze in between some other people to sneak a look at the shop. I think I saw blood on the floor, unless that was broken red glass.

When I left, they were still dusting for fingerprints. And the crowd was still going strong. People did leave after awhile, but more appeared out of the blue. Ah, Malaysian curiosity.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Voyager came home last night. I felt that the two-part finale was okay, not exactly touching or awe-inspiring, but okay. In my opinion, they should have done away with the action and spent more time on the characters. It's always been about the people after all. Anyway, it's all over. All seven seasons of Voyager. It was a most enjoyable ride through the Delta Quadrant. I wish it could have lasted longer - an infinite number of Voyager episodes sounds really ideal. I'll be heading for Deep Space 9 soon, but I'll probably rerun Voyager once the Simoniac returns my CDs to me.

How fast do you drive?
Total number of votes: 9

Vote breakdown:
1. At the speed of snail. (0)
2. Like your grandma. (0)
3. Like Buddha says, moderately. (3)
4. I'm a regular speed demon. (3)
5. Maximum warp. (1)
6. Drive? I don't drive, bub. (2)

Me? It's maximum warp or bust, baybee.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I had a very heavy dinner last night, followed by coffee, black. That kept my eyes wide open till about 2am, which was about when I finally forced myself to sleep. To offset the effects of the imminent drowsiness today, I consumed yet another cup of coffee in the morning. But I couldn't eat anything, cause there was still food being digested in my stomach. Which brings me to the now, as I slowly realize that I am hungry, and the single cup of coffee for breakfast is going to damn me. I would look forward to lunch, only that lunch is a few slices of papaya which serve as a way to keep alive until dinner.

But that is my morning agony, and will thus remain but a nagging misery in the background. Heck, the pain and discomfort will probably keep me awake.

Anyway, it's been pretty rainy. At all the wrong times ( read: I keep getting caught in the rain ), but I can't complain too much. Rain equates water in the reservoirs, water in the reservoirs equate drinking water and baths. Rain also means that plants live longer, and the weather gets a little cooler. Not by much though. I feel that the nights are way too hot. This is March after all, the month of heat, but sweating right after a bathe in a highrise? Bad.

And I vote to remove all senior citizen drivers who think that edging slowly into a lane without putting on the indicator is the right way to drive. Seriously, if they're not dead after I accidentally ram into them while my car's travelling at maximum warp, I'll go down and finish them off with my umbrella.

Monday, March 24, 2003

My superhero name should be:
Total number of votes: 10

Vote breakdown:
1. Mango-Man (2)
2. Bananaboy (4)
3. Mr. Papaya (3)
4. Captain Coconut (1)

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Right. Here we go again. War.

I don't like war. Needless suffering. Needless losses. Will this war make the world a better place? It might. It might not. Has all diplomatic avenues really been exhausted? A bit too late for that. How do I feel about this? Like how I feel about every war out there - deep sinking feeling in the gut.

Oh look. China just joined in the fun. NOW they want a halt on the war. They couldn't have voiced this out earlier, could they? I know there's a time difference between the countries, but this is ridiculous.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

The yellow glutinous rice I had last night for dinner nearly killed me. It's fascinating how you never know just how much glutinous rice you've had until it's too late. Just as I was finishing off the rice, the curry and the eggs, I felt this suddenly wave of nausea wash over me. It was then and there when I knew that the evening held much promise of discomfort and pain.

Luckily, there was Eno. With Eno, I managed to prevent my digestive system from reaching critical level. Eno is your friend when consumed at the appropriate moment. Never forget that.

I've entered another slump where I don't feel like doing anything at all. All I want to do is to flop down somewhere and sulk till the end of time. Maybe it's Voyager withdrawal. Episode 13 of season 7 had to be redownloaded, so I'm Voyagerless now. I don't intend to rewatch the series until I've finished it. I spend most of my reading about interactive fiction technology, namely Inform. A long long time ago, I started out with AGT ( Adventure Game Toolkit ), and that was cool. And then it was off to mudding, which gave me a few good years.

Interactive fiction is the way to go. It's free ( most games are just a download away ), it'll improve your typing, make you read while having fun and improve your problem-solving capabilities.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Do you tend to throw rubbish out of a moving vehicle?
Total number of votes: 10

Vote breakdown:
1. No, that would be wrong. (4)
2. I do that occasionally. (2)
3. How else would I dispose of trash? (3)
4. I throw rubbish at other moving vehicles. (1)

Thursday, March 13, 2003

The day, surprisingly, started out last night. I went against my better judgement and checked my company email at home. A few mails, including one from my boss telling me to do the impossible. That put a damper on the night. This was followed later by me discovering at 1am that the washing machine hadn't started washing the clothes yet. So I had to wait until much much later before I could sleep. That lead to an hour of oversleeping (!!!) - I woke up to a bright 8.30am morning. With the phrase "extremely limited parking space, moron" ringing repeatedly through my head, I took a quick bath, had a quick shit, panicked, bought my breakfast and left for work.

Now, here's what I hate about panicking. My mind works on a totally different level when I'm hit by a panic attack. This is why I somehow decided to buy five slices of papaya instead of the usual koay teow and mee. This after eating the entire papaya which Mich C gave me last night. Papaya papaya papaya. It's a papaya world after all. I consumed two slices for breakfast, and now I have three more remaining for lunch. Am I hungry already? Whole-heartedly, a resounding yes. Do I think I'll live to see 5.30pm today? Time will tell, although I have these deep-seated worries about disappearing due to a lack of food. One moment I'm busy dying of hunger and the next I'm going "Why can't anybody see me? Why?! Hello? Helloooo... Answer me, damnit! Oi!".

In conclusion: I'm not on a fruit diet. I'm on a starvation binge with nutritious food supplements.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I just managed to give myself a pretty bad backache. Sleepiness overwhelming overwhelmed me at my chair, and I sort of dozed off while sitting in a rather bad posture. So now I'm forced to sit with my back real straight. Alternatively, I could just lean back in my chair and work, but then I'll have to bend my neck, so this isn't really an alternative. The price of dozing off at work - if your boss doesn't catch you, your back might complain. And it was such an ingenious idea too. I just failed to foresee the backache.

Body agony aside, my mental faculties seem to be grinding down to a halt. I can't focus on work, I don't seem to want to do anything but... watch Star Trek: Voyager. Maybe I am a little obsessed with the series - I think it's the only television series which I've fallen in love with before I watched a single episode of it ( I myself didn't think much of Buffy initially - how far I've come since then ).

A long time ago, I bought the Star Trek: Voyager Limited Edition Entertainment Utility on a whim while perusing the local computer shops. I never knew I liked jigsaw puzzles until Jixxa took up way too much of my time. Voyager herself was a permanent fixture on my desktop. Ah, the early days. I have fond memories of rewatching video clips of the episodes again and again, only because I didn't get to watch the actual episodes themselves. And then there were the STPM days, when Kinokuniya still existed in GAMA. I bought five Voyager novels for RM11.90 each. I only wish I could find the other Voyager novels. And then, of course, there is now. When I actually get to watch the entire series. I'm close to finishing season six, and already I'm thinking that there just isn't enough Voyager out there. Oh God, obsession.

Thinking about it, I would never have bought that Voyager CD-ROM if I were the person I am today then. Then again, you can never tell when it comes to fate.

Monday, March 10, 2003

I finally got the template up and running again, so the new poll should be displayed instead of the old one. Was it an irritation? Yes. An even greater source of annoyance is me taking so long to solve the problem. Well, maybe it was just plain laziness. Note to self: Wearing out the left mouse button by clicking the Publish button repeatedly does not solve the problem. Or maybe it was a lack of drive. When you're at home with your Voyager episodes, the world seems so far away. Approximately seventy five thousand light years, but that gets closer towards the end of the series. Anyway, I apologize for the inconvenience. Although I now know how to get the template working again, I can't guarantee that it won't happen again ( Blogger Problem Resolution #41 might not work the next time the template decides to go on a holiday and leave me in the lurch ). Blogger is just plain weird sometimes.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Damnit, Blogger, update my template already. I am most unhappy that my polls haven't been updated. It's like a toothache. An itch I can't reach. And nothing I do seems to be able to rectify the error. The irritation! The irritation! There's probably no point voting at this point. No point. Grrr.

Friday, March 07, 2003

Are you getting enough sleep every night?
Total number of votes: 9

Vote breakdown:
1. Sleep? I hibernate. (1)
2. A little too much. (0)
3. Perfection achieved sleepwise. (1)
4. I'm short of a few hours daily. (6)
5. Sleep is for the weak. (1)
Ever since they started charging people to park in the inner road next to Gurney Tower, my usual parking spot has been flooded with a bunch of unwelcomed newcomers. These people, evicted from the inner road by a hefty parking fee for the day, has migrated everywhere else. Where I park, they fill up the parking spots by 8.30am. Not so today. After using red guava to accelerate the urge to shit early in the morning, I managed to arrive earlier than usual, and got myself a decent parking lot ( instead of my usual half the car is on the pavement the other half's on the road parking lot ). When I went up to the office, I realized that I had forgotten to buy for my colleague the packet of mee she asked me to buy yesterday, so I had to forfeit my own. Now what does this mean?

1. A slice of papaya for breakfast
2. The nasi lemak I bought for breakfast is now lunch
3. Hunger overwhelming

I can feel the pain already.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Sleep wasn't easy last night. A silly dog was barking away somewhere below, keeping me awake for quite sometime. Night in my area can get dead quiet, so the acoustics of the flats provided that unruly canine a pretty good opportunity to air its bow-wow views. Bloody dog. To irritate me further was something biting me all over. Mosquito? Bed bug? I've no idea. But tonight I'm dousing myself with minyak angin or maybe some winter green on my body. That'll teach those bitey bastards.

You know it's March when you can step into the shower in the morning with the heater turned off and enjoy a nice warm bath. Hello summer in a "hot and humid the whole year round" country.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Coffee is good for the soul.
Total number of votes: 12

Vote breakdown:
1. Without it I am nothing. (3)
2. I do partake of it occasionally. (2)
3. It's just another beverage to me. (3)
4. A once-in-the-blue-moon thingy. (3)
5. Coffee is the DEVIL. (1)
New business admin and project manager. Fun factor in the office just plummeted to the negatives. No one minded Jenny or Connie, cause they were young and open-minded. But this new one doesn't really look like someone you can mess with - she's chummy with our lady manager, and she even got a very good managerial seat in the office. It's a place where no one can see her screen and where she can very easily sneak up on us. Well, she can't really sneak up on some of the other seniors with their heavily fortified positions, but she sure as hell can sneak up on me. And most disturbingly, she seems to be pretty good with the sneaking. She managed to creep behind me and another colleague while we were discussing something before I realized that she was there. She's like Das Boot, only on land. Is this a bad sign? You bet your little furry asses it is.

I had nasi lemak this morning cause a) I suspect the luncheon meat buns are hardening my excrement to the point of a bleeding ass ( yes, droplets of blood dissipating in the toilet bowl again ) and b) the luncheon meat bun seller didn't turn up anyway. The nasi lemak's pretty good - rice was a bit wet but otherwise, palatable. Although RM1 worth of koay teow and mee is way more filling than RM1 worth of nasi lemak.