Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I spent last night in Lam Wah Ee hospital, ward 324A, under observation for suspected appendicitis. Wasn't fun. My sister brought up the fact that yesterday marked the first day of the Hungry Ghost month, but even that couldn't raise my spirits. Fever. Fever can bring a man down. Spent most of the time in a sullen slumber. The fever made everything way too cold. Couldn't even warm up my own bed. It did go down later in the night though. My relatives and Mich C dropped by, providing some welcomed company. But the night itself? The kind of feverish drifting in and out of sleep which renders a person unable to concentrate on anything. For some reason, the television seemed to have jumbled up 'Malcolm in the Middle' and 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. And that daft headache which has been dogging me since yesterday is still appearing every now and then.

In the end, it wasn't appendicitis. Probably food poisoning from the expired chocolate I ate on Monday night. See what happens when you're greedy? Greed put me into an icy ward where they stuck needles into me, took out some of my blood, ultrasounded me like a pregnant lady and basically made me very very miserable. They even put me on a liquid diet which lasted 24 hours. My stomach's all bloated with water and Milo now. So bloated, in fact, that when I got home, the first fart I had was actually me purging water out of my ass. I actually had to go handwash that underwear.

Monday, July 21, 2003

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Thursday, July 17, 2003

It's over. IT'S ALL OVER. Last night, the stars in the sky dimmed and blotted out. Again, I walk under starless nights. Yay me. Look at me. I'm pathetic. I can't even write English right anymore. Now, I really hate posting lyrics on my blog unless I've mangled them first or I wrote them myself, but I can't really write down all that is needed to elucidate my feelings at this dark, despondent moment in time. But at least this post will be a sing-a-long ( for those of you who know the tune ). So, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, thanks for this:

Anything but lonely
Anything but empty rooms
There's so much in life to share -
What's the sense when no one else is there?

Anything but lonely
Anything but only me
Quiet years in too much space
That's the thing that's hard to face

You have a right to go
But you should also know
That I won't be alone for long
Long days with nothing said
Are not what lie ahead -
I'm sorry, but I'm not that strong.

Anything but lonely
Anything but passing time
Lonely's what I'll never be
While there's still some life in me

I'm still young, don't forget
It isn't over yet -
So many hearts for me to thrill.

If you're not here to say
How good I look each day
I'll have to find someone who will.

Anything but lonely
Anything but empty rooms
There's so much in life to share -
What's the sense when no one else is there?

- "Anything But Lonely", Aspects of Love

And right after this, Rose ( the singer of this song ) tried to get Alex ( the guy she was singing to ) to promise NOT to leave her. And that pretty much sums up my feelings. Pathetic, much?

Saturday, July 12, 2003

I made it back to Penang. Somehow, I think my plane should have crashed while I was on it.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Tuesday night, I tried walking to Causeway Bay to get a Miriam Yeung CD for my sister. Sadly, I went in the wrong direction. In retrospect, I think the electric tram which my HK colleague, his girlfriend and I took on Sunday night went round the block. Yes, that would explain why the direction it was facing when we got off was the direction of Causeway Bay, and not the opposite direction. Gah. I did see a whole lot of stuff though. Hong Kong is so depressing if you look up from street level. It's like Metropolis Rifle Range - old dirty ugly flats looming over the streets. To be fair, my HK colleague told me that the area I was living in was pretty old. Which would explain the rather Rifle Range-ish look.

Anyway, better luck on last night. Okay, so I got sidetracked a little and ended up next to the sea where there were a whole lot of boats. I should have realized that something was amiss when the path I was on was totally devoid of life. Well, not totally devoid - there were these two guys with their dogs and an old man walking around, but that's considered dead by Hong Kong standards.

So. Made it to Victoria Park, headed for the other side of the park and right in front of me was HMV, that store which had everything from the complete seasons of Buffy / Angel / Star Trek to some really weird soundtrack CDs ( got the Miriam Yeung 'Make Up' CD from there ). Then it was off to Times Square ( I needed to know that I could find my way there ), and when I left it, I lost my bearings. In fact, I actually walked in the wrong direction again. Decided to play it safe at the last moment though, and I got back on track again to the park. But it was dark by then. And that was how laziness and the unexplainable urge to catch 'Charmed' on Star World forced me to take the MTR for the first time.

Life in a hotel room is pretty cool. I haven't lived in a hotel for such a long time. And living alone! Okay, high creepiness factor when I go out late at night. Living on the 19th floor, the floor's almost always empty. It's hard to keep thoughts of 'The Shining' out of my mind. Not too sure what I'm going to do if I suddenly see two young female twins standing at the end of the coridor. Brr.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Urgh. I feel sick. Probably too much meat for lunch. I had assorted meat with salted egg with rice along with the staple cup of Coke. The food was okay - I really need to try out their dim sum and their roasted geese, since people keep telling me that it's REALLY good. I'm beginning to seriously doubt this "food in Hong Kong is eXcellent" propaganda - granted, the Coke in McDonald's isn't watered down and the food comes in pretty big portions ( and proportionately big price tags ), but that's it so far. I really want to experience the "one bite and I want some more" food. The last time this happened was with the round dim sum thingies in Shang Palace, Penang. One bite and I wanted to finish the whole tray.

Conference call last night, so the company okayed 24 hours of broadband in the hotel for me. A good thing, yes. But it'll all be over by 5.30pm today. So back to being Connectionless Me. The conference call was a killer though. We were kept up so long that now during training, me and my colleague are both rather fatigued. Lack of sleep does that to you.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Hong Kong. Yes, I have arrived. I have checked into the hotel. I have gone to Causeway Bay to look for a Sammi Cheng CD for my little sister. And now I'm in the training room, where I thankfully have Net access ( farking HK80 per day for broadband in that stingy hotel ).

Firstly, ARRIVAL. I chose 'Blazing Saddles' as the inflight movie - that kept me awake. The Hong Kong airport was pretty impressive. They had their own trains inside the airport itself. BUT. The luggage delivery system was inefficient, and someone should really fix the PA system up.

HOTEL. Nice, reasonable, they have Star World ( THANK GOD OMG THANK GOD WE HAVE BUFFY ), so if I can escape from my company on Thursday night, I'll get to watch this week's episodes of Buffy and Angel. That is a good thing. The bathtub could have been a little bigger though. It's too shallow for me to totally submerge myself in comfortably hot water.

So. After many many many years, I'm back in Hong Kong. Actually, I'm having problems adjusting to the fact that I'm in Hong Kong. Sure, there are those little things like an increase in the lack of courtesy sector. Otherwise, everything's pretty familiar here. Cantonese? Helloo, Ipoh. Bright lights, big city? Helloo, KL. It's just much bigger, much brighter, has much more people, much busier and most importantly, much older. It's jarring, sometimes. Down on street level things look bright, but look higher and you see old windows, dirty old walls, old buildings. There's a certain creepiness to it all. Nothing I can't deal, though.

And the girls? The many pretty girls which Hong Kong supposedly has? So far, they look like normal Chinese girls to me. Are they pretty? Nothing special. But I did see a few people who looked like some people I know back home. And I think I'm seeing some facial patterns here. A lot of HK guys I saw looked like the air steward in the plane which flew me in. Maybe it's the beady eyes, the pimples and the funny-coloured hair.

Perhaps the best part about Hong Kong so far is the weather. That wonderfully warm and humid weather of Malaysia in the end / beginning of the year. Bright sun, but not blatantly hot. I knew this week was going to be bearable the moment I stepped out of the air-conditioned airport into the open air. In fact, still having problems realizing I'm in Hong Kong. I keep thinking I'm in a KL with a whole lot of Chinese all speaking Cantonese. Maybe I'm getting way too jaded.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Right. No last minute escapes for me. Flight ticket in hand, bags semi-packed, body's itching from the dustmites living in the bags ( oh no, I'm going to itch like mad in HK )... ah, I'm so not ready to go. But the maps are already printed out, the money has been changed and really, I don't want to go. But go I must. To venture into the depths of Hell Kong. To do what must be done. It's a tough job. Well, maybe not that tough. But a sucky job, on the grounds that I don't want to do it. Anyway, not much use bitching about it anymore. My HK counterpart said that he'll try to make my life there as unboring as possible. I might have come off a tad too serious, cause he thinks that I'm just there for work. Which is what I intend to do. Apart from the computer manuals I copied up to my notebook. And the *cough* episodes of Alias which I'll probably bring over. Oh damnit I forgot to copy over the D20 Modern SRD. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO BLOODY CARELESS!

Anyway, if I don't make it back from Hell Kong due to unforeseen circumstances ( blaze of glory, joined the young and the dangerous, quarantined in HK forever, SARS 2 ), this is Nicholas Prose signing off.