Thursday, September 04, 2003

After all this time, I've finally found the lyrics. Not that it's of any use anymore. But you folks can sing it to your babies to lull them to sleep.

Brahm's Lullaby

Lullaby and good night
In the sky stars are bright
Close your eyes
Start to yawn
Pleasant dreams until the dawn

Close your eyes now and rest
Lay your head on my breast
Go to sleep now and rest
May your slumber be blest

- ( Listen )

Too little, too late. Maybe if I had found the lyrics above earlier, I wouldn't have to produce my own version below. Mine doesn't rhyme. My lyrics might be a little disjointed. Doesn't matter. It's just a song you can sing your suicidal babies to sleep with.

Prosey's Lullaby

Step away, from the ledge
You know that she's not worth it
Put that knife down
Come away
Slitting wrists won't solve your case

And your pain, will fade away
All you need is just time
Smile a bit, take some rest
Live to see another day.

- to the tune of Brahm's Lullaby