Tuesday, September 23, 2003

My eyes finally fell out of alignment in a very obvious manner. My left eye now is slightly crooked. Sigh. First time ever I take up the fight against negative emotions and this happens. Unsightly physical marring. The almost-constant grimaces are warping my face too. Or maybe I'm getting fat. But the eyes? Way out of alignment.

I also have these weird scratches on my face, but I think that's because of my nails. Yes, today is the third day since I've attempted to stop my nail-biting habits. Not because it's a bad habit. Not because it's unhealthy. But because it gives me something to think about. I don't know how many people do it, but one of the ways to keep your mind off recent most unpleasant aspects of your life is to stop a bad habit. You go something like "Oh woe is me, life is horrible, I think I'm going to kill myself... NO. BAD FINGERS. NO BITING. BAD BAD FINGERS. *time passes...* Oh dear, I'm living in hell, I might as well go there altogether... *SLAP* BAD. NO BITING. KEEP FINGERS AWAY FROM MOUTH."

It does help a little. Really. Nowadays, I spend a lot of time admiring my growing nails ( omg dey r so pr3tty! ). Soon, instead of making vague clawing actions at people, I can actually claw them. Yay me.

Back to my unaligned eyes. I can think of one person who had rather unaligned eyes after something momentous ( in a negative impact way ) happened in her life. Judging from what happened after, the prognosis for us screwed-by-life unaligned-eyes folks seems pretty good.

So THERE you go. Hope for those who have none. We'll continue to fight the good fight. Bring light to the darkness. Help the hopeless. It's just that, you know, I never expected me to someday be one of the hopeless.

Thus bringing us to the Lesson of the Day: Pride Cometh Before the Fall.

Remember that, children, cause this could one day happen to you too.

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