Thursday, September 18, 2003

Weekend Countdown: 2 days to go

My Marmite-enriched meal last night was temporarily postponed to this morning's breakfast. I stopped by the economy rice stall when I reached home yesterday evening, and they had the juiciest looking ladies' fingers all nicely chopped up and oozing curry. Who could resist that?

On lunch detail today I had sandwiches. Prepared by Yours Truly. I've come a long way since my cornflakes and peanut butter and cheese sandwiches. Now it's Marmite on toast, cheese and margarine with toast and last but not least, a burger bun with garlic spread. Maybe toast wasn't such a good idea. My sandwiches had the texture of hard cardboard when I bit into them just now. Me tugging hard on the bread with my teeth brought to mind those National Geographic documentaries of the Serengeti lions having their meals.

Now that homemade sandwiches have been proven to be a viable lunch option, I think I'll move on to cooking stuff so that I can have a better meal. This does entail waking up earlier than usual just so that I'll have enough time to prep the food, cook it and wash everything up nicely. My father will not take kindly to our resident ants throwing a gala in the kitchen amidst the unwashed dishes. That aside, cooking could be worth it. Homemade fried egg with homemade fried mee for lunch? /drool.

Therefore, tomorrow might see the advent of the Incredible Omelette Experiments ( version 0.01a ). And if that doesn't spell the end of me, the future might even lead to Incredible Omelette & Mushrooms Experiments ( as recommended by William Von Darke ). Bon Appétit to me ( or Bon Voyage, given my track record at cooking ).

And now, for today's Words of Wisdom of the Day Award...
"If you start seeing other mushrooms growing on your mushroom, don't eat it."
- Chef Darke

Wise words indeed, whether it applies to real mushrooms or some guy's little mushroom.

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