Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Weekend Countdown: 3 days to go

Today on Prosey's NewsBytes...

I'm suffering from Marmite withdrawal symptoms. It's been sometime since my last bowl of Marmite soup. I put too much Marmite in at that one time and ended up unable to shit for a few days ( too much salt ). But I've learned. Marmite is to be taken in small doses. Like my planned dinner tonight. Marmite spreaded thinly - T-H-I-N-L-Y - on toasted bread. Maybe I can dig out some mushroom soup ( Campbell's ) for that extra oomph. Mmm... marmite.

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Farewell O Noble Team Lead
Our team lead left the company on Monday. There goes the Johnny Depp lookalike. At least, he bears a slight resemblance to Johnny Depp's character in 'From Hell'. Nice guy, that. A new guy came in at the beginning of this month to take over Johnny Depp's project. And now that guy has been given the office keys. He's in for two weeks and he gets the office keys. I've been waiting for the office keys ever since I got in and the only time I'm given it is when the keyholders go on holiday. That's not all though. This new guy, he's friendly. Very friendly. Not friendly as in the "Come here let me give you a backrub" friendly, which would give me ample reason to bash his skull in with my keyboard. But friendly in a "I want to know everything you're doing" friendly. Maybe I'm being a little too hard on him. He might really be a nice guy. But at the moment, I still get these urges to kick him out of the window.

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9.30pm: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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