Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Weekend Countdown: 4 days to go

And what happens when we reach the weekend? Quiet contemplation in the isolated sanctity of my abode, before the week begins anew. It's a vicious, vicious cycle.

Today we deal with the consequences of consecutive late nights. Barely coherent thoughts, constant dozing off, stinging eyes, the suicidal ordering of a large glass of teh tarik during my roti canai breakfast. So large a glass, in fact, that I am still full at a time when I should be wolfing down Twiggies. Perhaps it is the roti canai which overexpanded in my stomach after it mixed with the teh tarik ( which was too sweet ).

So here I am. Sleepy - I want to lie down and quietly pass away but that probably isn't acceptable in the office. Bloated - the teh tarik is still sloshing around my stomach with the half-digested remains of the roti canai swimming in it. Actually, the bloatedness is making me feel sick. I have this aftertaste of washing soap ( of all things ) at the back of my throat - quite a nausea-inducing taste, and the more water I drink to wash it down, the more bloated I get. Yay.

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