Tuesday, December 09, 2003

While we await the return of the resident Lim Pek, I shall grace you all with a number from the sequel of Sound of Music:


I am sixteen
Hans is seventeen
Boy are we quite the pair
Grunting and moaning
Always we're humping
Ruffling each other's hair
He seems certain
That we aren't out of turn
Playing each other's cocks
Slurping and sucking
Our tongues entwining
Wearing just our old socks

Seriously, though I fear that we
Might someday soon get caught
Yet when I'm in his arms I'm free
My worries all for naught

He says someday
We'll go faraway
Someplace we can say "I do"
But today I'll cuddle up to him
Hans dear, I so love you.


[ Midi to sing along with ]
PS: The first part of the song isn't covered - just wait until you get to the main section of the song - you'll know if you've watched the Sound of Music before.

PPS: Hi, Hans! *wave*

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Lim Pek

Lim pek lai liao.