Monday, January 19, 2004

And welcome back to the blog of the most boring wanker in the world. Today has been a most bollixed day. Unsurprisingly, these days don't come by too often. Cause most days are ( you guessed it! ) boring. But those are the normal days. It's a different story, today. I think there's much to be attributed to my brief interlude with Mr. Vodka last night. After making a fool of myself outside the crappy malfunctioning automatic gate, I managed to piss security off by swiping my unauthorized access card a hundred million times just to hear the dumb buzzing sound. Frustration and the need for revenge does that to you. I had the last laugh, though. Sometimes, being petty does wonders for one's mood. And then I went on to alienate my colleagues for the rest of the day. By the end of it, I could stand right next to some of them and they won't even talk to me. Not bad, eh.

Oh yeah. Switched jobs. Ended the old one last year, started the new one this year. This being recorded for posterity, of course. In case I lose it on the road tomorrow and ram my car into an oil tanker. That will probably not be boring.

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