Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Distillery Rhyme

Hey Ho! The liquor man is here,
But he doesn't sell no beer,
However, please do not fear,
There's vodka for good ol' Prosey here.

Drink up, this is it,
Water of life, they call it,
Aqua vitae in Latin,
Trust me, it sure is something!

Drink it neat, or on the rocks,
Most prefer, with some Coke,
If you like it, there's more in stock,
Just don't drink, until you go broke.

But wait, there is more,
Whisky, tequila and some brandy,
Ahead lies two zero zero four,
Some liquor might come in handy.

Surgeon general's warning : Too much alcohol WILL kill you, but a bit helps when you're feeling blue