Sunday, May 16, 2004

Previously on Prosian Thoughts...

8th May 2004, Saturday: Drove to KL at night, arrived some time before midnight. Bunked in Darke's place.

9th May 2004: The price of helping Darke finish his alcohol - A Serious Lack of Sleep. The morning sun shining directly into Darke's room proved to be an effective sleep repellent. Went shopping for my father's laptop after that, then went to watch Hellboy.

10th May 2004: Visa interview in the American embassy. After making me wait for half a day, they were nice enough to let me go without asking me too many questions. Fell asleep a few times on the way home, but I made it back.

11th May 2004: A case of travel fatigue during work.

15th May 2004, Saturday: Night flight to America begins. Because we were flying business / first class, me and my colleague got to visit the Golden Lounge. It was a little smallish, but they had nice fried rice and bee hoon there. After a brief transit in KLIA, we finally took off for Narita Airport. Sometime before midnight, we flew by Kuala Lumpur. I actually saw the Twin Towers from a distance. Later on, we found out that there were six engineers from my company all in that same plane. So much for company policy of not putting all the eggs into the same basket.

16th May 2004: Japan came out at us from the mist. Already jetlagged by this time. Narita Airport reminded me a lot of LV-426 from Aliens when we first arrived. It was misty, drizzly, the tarpaulins were all flapping in the wind and there wasn't a soul in sight ( they came in much later ).

16th May 2004, Reloaded: First there was Fort Worth, Texas. And now I'm in Springfield, Missouri. Meeting the Simpsons.


Obviously. What with that Japanese bastard spoiling my First Class experience by exhaling alcohol-filled disease-ridden halitosis at me when that drunk bastard was sleeping. There are people who deserve a painful death, and then there are people who should be kept alive for eternity to be tortured incessantly. Now I feel horrible. I need to keep awake until after dinner so that I can adjust to the time here, but everytime I close my eyes, I start zoning out.

Anyway, some thoughts on stuff:
  • The jetlag I'm experiencing is very similar to what I experienced after the alcohol binge in Dark's place last week.
  • Airplane food isn't too bad.
  • Contrary to what my bastard colleagues said, America does have pretty women. Of course, I'm in Missouri and they were commenting about Florida.
  • I can't believe how smooth things went with American immigration when we arrived. Us run-down looking engineers were let off pretty quickly, but the clean-cut engineer was detained in a room. I guess if you can come out of a long flight like that looking spiffy, you're suspicious.
  • When I retire, I might want to start a farm in Texas. There's something appealing about the flatlands. So... much... land...
  • Man, that female engineer who was with us is HOT. And of course, those are usually unavailable.

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