Monday, May 17, 2004

Springfield, Missouri.

I like the small town vibes which this place seems to be giving off. Maybe it's because everything is nicely spaced, not like Georgetown, Penang where everything is tightly clustered together. Maybe it's the different culture. Or, maybe it's the near-deserted town which me and my colleagues were walking through two nights ago in search of an Italian restaurant which is closed on Sundays.

I couldn't help noticing how cool that 'ghost town' look was. There we were, the three of us, walking down that empty street. Occasionally but not too often, a car zooms by. The wind in Missouri is chilly and strong ( this is a good thing ), so there was coldness to be felt even though I had a pint of Budweiser ( also a good thing ) sloshing around in my stomach. Really, it's not too different from home. In Georgetown, traffic starts getting heavy on Friday night and peaks on Saturday night, and on Sunday night traffic usually dies away. Not that it ever dies away to the extent traffic in Springfield died away ( pretty much dead here ).

The layout of the town is designed to be neat square blocks of buildings, so theoretically, you can't really get lost in Springfield. Missed your turning? Just take the next one and circle the block. My colleagues told me that's the design of most American towns. It makes things tidy and navigation easy once you've gotten that concept.

Traffic is minimal here. My colleagues who have been to Plantation and Miami assured me that traffic in those places are pretty heavy and busy. I had fun driving around for awhile, although I still can't get the hang of automatic gear ( manual for me, yeah ). And later one we figured that we were not the ones who kept drifting over to the right side of the road - it was our rented Blazer which was doing all that drifting.

For a small town, Springfield has a surprising large number of cars. But you won't see them all in one place unless you're at a mall ( the Battlefield Mall ) or a soccerplex. My Indian colleague and I took a wrong turn somewhere yesterday evening and we ended up at the local soccerplex where there was a game going on ( bunch of young girls playing soccer ). Just like in the movies! Except that I've never seen girls playing soccer in an American movie, but apart from that, the atmosphere was there.

And girls? Pretty girls all over Springfield, from the hot busty types we saw in the mall *cough* to Samantha our waitress at the Waffle House along the West Bypass, who's the tall leggy blonde type. And this is just a small town. Imagine the other towns!

After spending some time driving around, I think I've come to really like this town. Would be nice to settle down here. Be a farmer or something. Lovely place. So much land. Minimal traffic, and they have everything here. People should consider coming here for a relaxing vacation, or even to live permanently.

Next stop: St. Louis.

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