Thursday, June 17, 2004

Bosses sometimes work on a logic different from the common person's. If you want an engineer to stay back late, you would think that letting him eat during tea break would be a good idea. Eat during tea, fill up the stomach, engineer can stay back later in a grudgingly happy state of mind. But, if engineer doesn't eat tea, engineer is already hungry by the time it's time to go home. And that wouldn't be a good thing if the engineer is going to run off home for dinner and is not planning to go back to the office until the next day. Don't hold the engineer back during tea break! It adds to the negative feelings seething inside and it'll only erode the will to work hard for the company.

Ah, the joys of working life. Sometimes it makes you feel like opting out of this chickenshit outfit and migrating to Springfield, Missouri to join the farming community there. The occasional flood might raise the mortality rate occasionally, but at least the food's good and the beer's cheap. And there, I will be master of my own destiny. And master of my own farm. But not master of the floods. Or master of the lack of money to set up a farm to begin with. Or master of the economical embargoes which might be imposed on immigrant Asians who have a tendency to speak quickly in a strange and off-putting way. Oh dash it all, you just can't win.

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