Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Hello everyone. Welcome to the world of the jetlagged. Choosing not to go to work today was one of my better ideas, cause I'm feeling utterly wretched now. Wretched. Utterly truly wonderfully. There's this overwhelming desire to just fall into bed and close my eyes. But I know - yes, I know - that that is a no-no. So I'm just sitting here smiling looking at the clouds while peacefully munching on my fingernails. Nice clouds. I think it's gonna rain. Nails are pretty tasty too.

I haven't been jetlagged the whole day. In fact, the morning was pretty productive. I paid off some of the people I owe money to ( the rest will just have to wait until next month cause I think my bank account's empty, and it's just the beginning of the month ). I did my banking for June. I changed my money back to RM. I'm even going to go get a haircut later. Not too shabby for a jetlagged guy. I even bought two cartons of fruit juice ( for farks ) and a couple of PS2 games ( for farks too ).

But now... now... now it's pretty bad. I can feel the chemicals in my body protesting against the shift in timezone! I think I'll just sit here and further amuse myself by feeling my muscles slowly converting back to fat.

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