Thursday, June 03, 2004

Jetlag ( 12 hour displacement ) + tendency to sleep at midnight = A Bad Idea

Especially when my auto-wake up time is now set to 5am with no way to return to slumberland. I'm going the way of the coffee, but the severe cutting down on food lately and the lack of sleep is making me feel faintish. Gah... I'm hoping the purported holiday next Monday isn't a joke. Deep hibernation is in order. Deep, deep hibernation. So deep, I should be suffering from oversleep by the time I wake up. That would be a decent change. Maybe I should have taken a few days off. Like, the whole bloody week. Then I wouldn't be dripping nose mucus all over my keyboard. And people say the stickiness of my keyboards is caused by indiscriminate masturbation when no one is watching during lunch hour. Well fark you, you Philistines. It's nose goo. Most of the time.

The world's all twilight now. That happens a lot when I lack sleep. I don't like the dizzy spells when I try to stand up. Neither do I fancy the blurry visions. A little torn between whether I need more sleep or more food. Probably more sleep. And more food. Something I'll need to rectify in the very near future before I slip into unconsciousness during a meeting.

Mmm... lovin' that thunder. Not so lovin' the freezing hell that will be my office once it starts pouring though.

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