Saturday, June 05, 2004

The moment I plan to go out and tan my pale hide, the rain decides to visit. Not really unexpected, but you would have thought the heavens might have cut me some slack. Especially after my Internet connection went down for two days because someone unknown went to install Webhancer on the computer and I went to run Ad-Aware to remove that spyware shite. Yes, Webhancer is evil. Here's how to remove it from your computer if it's skulking around somewhere in your hard drive.

WebHancer modifies your Windows Sockets configuration, binding itself to Winsock so that all packets are passed through WebHancer. Incorrect removal procedures will destroy your Internet connection.

Using Ad-Aware 6 is an incorrect remove procedure, apparently. Or maybe it's time to go update my version of Ad-Aware. Nevertheless, I lost a whole night trying to figure out why I could connect to the Internet but yet couldn't surf around. At least things are working now. Those bastards over at Webhancer should choke on their own intestines or something.

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