Friday, June 18, 2004

Part two of Malaysian Idol. This one's held in Kuching, which actually has statues of giant cats. And I thought the name was just a name. Then again, Penang has pinang trees on the flag, so I really shouldn't be poking fun at other states.

Maybe I'm just feeling too tired, but this episode seems somewhat meaner and less fun than the last one. Or perhaps the novelty of seeing my fellow Malaysians autohumiliate themselves on national television has worn off. I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole show. Not that I watched the whole show the last time round, but at least there was a little bit more interest and concentration.

Here's the phrase that brought me out of my room to see what was going on:

"It's amazing how someone as beautiful as you can sing so horribly. You're beautiful. But please don't sing."

And then we had a shot of the girl in tears.

It wasn't all bad though. Julian the dance instructor actually came back for Round Two. Apparently, he took offence when Roslan told him that he couldn't sing, so he flew to Kuching and sang "Go the Distance." And managed to get himself a ticket to the next stage of the show! Man's got game, yeah. Shows what GOING THE DISTANCE ( Penang to Kuching ) can do for you.

Things really went out of whack when it came to that girl in white who wrote her own song or something. After they told her that she was not singing but shouting, she kept on begging for a chance to sing another song because the song she sang wasn't suitable for her. Come on, lady, even *I* know when to quit. So she went out, ranted ranted ranted, cried a bit and then, apparently went on record to tell the judges what she REALLY thought about them. And the nice thing was, those kind people over at Malaysian Idol put her rant up when the credits rolled. I wonder if she felt pride or embarassment when she saw herself on television.

So, yet another transvestite:

Roslan: "You're the singer who looks like a girl and sounds like a boy."
Paul: "A man! man!"
Roslan: "And I think you're the most beautiful contestant."

Maybe Roslan's kinda gay. I don't know. At least the guy won a spot. On the other hand, we have another pitiful one:

"I really really love this field. Just because of this malaysian idol and... i waiting for one weeks."

Dude, I love writing and programming too, and I'm still a mere hack at both. Like what the judges said, I too fear that your voice is not at that level yet, and I do appreciate you coming from so far away to take part in the competition, but you've really got to go.

And Aleya just gets hotter and hotter. And hotter. And hotter. You get the idea. She should have more air time. Maybe they could make a sitcom for her... "Hanya Aleya", where we get to see A LOT of her. It's odd how someone can be so annoying yet strangely desirable in an abusive kind of way. Grrrr... check this article out. The first photo where she does that host thingy at the jazz band awards. She can do elegance so well! And perky annoying equally well too! Versatile! We should make her Malaysian Idol!

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