Thursday, September 30, 2004

So after two years, eight months and twenty seven days, the Kris finally decided to post his second post. And at the same time launch his blogging career too. It's amazing Blogger didn't delete his blog on account of massive inactivity - maybe our Blogger blogs will be around for Eva.

Anyway, yesterday I was dreamily peeing in the toilet when an engineer from China came in, took the urinal next to me and then I started to hear LOUD SPLASHING SOUNDS coming from it. Like, there's your low stream urination ( drippy ), the mid stream urination ( normal mode ) and the strong stream urination ( with which you can sign your name on walls ). Now I know there's the Horse Pee Stance which originates from China, which you use to put out fires. Damn, I had to edge away from him cause I was afraid I would get splashed with his urine. What a prick.

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