Sunday, October 03, 2004

Company dinner on Friday night at Bayview Beach. A pretty ho-hum affair, except we had Michelle the Last Virgin of Malaysia hosting. And she was a RIOT. I've never laughed so hard so loud in such a long time. Maybe if we got her to start hosting our company meetings, things won't be such a drag. Of course, she's probably a he. No way any girl can be so... uh, feminine.

So most people from the company dressed up nicely. I mean, that's what people usually do for dinners. They dress up. Powder their faces. Perm their hair. Shave their crotches ( yes, some men do that too, those hairless fetishionists ). Me, I whipped out the red shirt I wore for Lay Chin's wedding. Yes, the one with the same shade as the table cloth. I like to blend in. Incidentally, the table cloth last night was red. Almost the same shade too.

Now that they're all dressed up, the girls actually look like girls. They no longer look like "that engineer down the hall". Actually some of them looked like they had too much makeup on, but let's be nice. The pretty girl was prettier, if that's even possible, and of course she was the prettiest in the room. There were quite a lot of people which looked unfamiliar to me - they must have been from the factory - and sad to say, we really need to hire better looking people to work in the factory. Okay, that was me having me moment of meanness. Actually they did look quite nice. One or two of them, anyway. I'm sure the tube and the short tight skirt and the black boots did a lot to make that one girl look good.

Food wasn't that good, but I'm enamoured with the hot and sour Szechuan soup. And the opening dish, which was some hot and cold thingy. That had nice chicken on it. And salad prawn. Oh, we also had "kam heong" deep fried prawns. And weirdly, tandoori chicken was part of the course set. You know, I think I would have enjoyed everything so much more IF I DIDN'T HAVE A FARKING ULCER RIGHT NOW. The ulcer, it makes me gruff. Grumpy. Pissed off. And maybe that's why I've been looking at the world through a blood-red haze these days. God knows, I nearly slammed the IronKok's head off today when I found out his level 23 Amazon had 6924 mana in Diablo 2. Like, WTF?

Anyway, back to the dinner. Entertainment was of course provided by Michelle. There was a short session by our very own inhouse company band, and then it was back to Michelle and her gang. Her gang does dance numbers while lip-synching. The first act was actually good, but the performers seemed to lack energy in the second act.

But, a pretty okay time was had. And of course, pretty girl even prettier, always a pretty thing. Now I'll be excused cause the ulcer? Not being very nice to me.

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