Thursday, October 21, 2004


That's right. You get a girl pregnant, her boobies will FILL UP with MILK. From an airport runway we will get oranges. From oranges we will get papayas. From papayas we will get watermelons. From watermelons I'm not sure I want to know what we get next, but it'll probably be something akin to a very very big waterbomb. And all filled with MILK. Approach pregnant women with a nice sharp pin and you'll get MILK SHOWER.

Just the other day, an old of friend of mine, he met a friend of his. A pregnant friend of his. It was a pregnant female friend. She was... female. And very. Very. Pregnant. And not only very very pregnant either. But pregnant enough to have milky boobies. It's like BOOBIES. With MILK. There was much temptation on his part to SQUEEZE. To make her SQUIRT all over his face. To baptize him in all her lactating joy. But, that old friend of mine, he is a man of class and distinction. And thus, there was no squeezage. And consequently, most unfortunately, no squirtage either. But we must pause a moment to deliberate the soft buoyant heavy feel of a pregnant breast.

THINK, if you may, of a swollen balloon filled with warm, almost hot, syrup. Feel that liquid flow lazily as you move it around in the palm of your hand.


Mmm. That was some amazing deliberation.

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