Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Getting drunk is all well and good. Until you sober up. At 2.30am. And then you can't sleep anymore, so you log online to say hi to the asshole who's going to be late for work the following morning. That's the scary thing about alcohol. And I'm not even going to go into that dream of running around with a pack of werewolves and later marrying one of them.

Good thing: No hangover.
Bad thing: Today is just another blur.
Thing I wish I could do: Shut up my noisy colleagues by smashing out their jaws.

To be fair, I haven't been sleeping well ever since the Raya holidays. Maybe the nights truly are hotter. Doesn't help that my current situation went from not too good to kinda rotten. Add in more twisting and turning, more drama and we get very sleepy work hours. Actually, very sleepy the whole day. I've been feeling sleepy ever since Raya. Not even coffee perks me up anymore.

Aha. It could be I'm getting fatter. Not that I can do anything about it at the moment. In fact, I will be getting lots of chocolates and ice cream. There's no cure for depression than a lot of unhealthy fattening stuff. Couch potato heaven, here I come.

In other news, aargh I need to dig my nose.

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