Sunday, November 28, 2004

Here I am now in the land of KL, patiently waiting for my visa interview in the American Embassy. I've spent the better part of the year abandoning my friends and my family in favuor of work. In exchange for my sins, my company has decided to send me away to the US again. This time, it won't be another field trip through states. I'm heading towards just one state, and potentially a lot of work. Pretty much a horror movie in the making.

I was actually late for my flight yesterday, and got a fair chastisement from the solemn Malay lady at the ticket counter. And then, after sauntering arrogantly to the departure gate, an old Chinese lady asked me if her ticket was correct in Mandarin. Arrgh. Perhaps she was from China, cause she was carrying a whole lot of boxes with her. Being the right bastard that I am, I didn't offer to carry it for her, but I did confirm that yes, ma'am, you're at the right gate and "ni qu na li ni kan ba 'E'". I'm pretty sure I very terribly destroyed the Mandarin language with that one phrase, but I guess at that point she gave up, nodded and decided that I was an idiot.

And then there was the flight. And then... KL TRANSIT. Which was the strangest thing. You have to push a button to open the door. A novelty in Malaysia, cause in all other trains e.g. the LRT, the doors were usually open until the train was ready to go. Heck, the doors were always opened on the KTM trains too, those large-ass monsters which take hours to travel from one end of the country to another. I guess that in this age of sophistication, we don't want the air-con to escape through an open door while the passengers await the train to start moving. The trip from KLIA to the Putrajaya / Cyberjaya station where Von Darke fetched me was swift though. And after that there was that "getting lost in Putrajaya with the Rumah Terbuka Adilfitri" incident, but that's really not as interesting as it sounds.

Finally, the weather report. KL is hot. Warm. Warmer than KL. Maybe the morning would be cooler. There's that Christmas season feel in Penang which is lacking in KL. Except for the nice sky with the clouds strolling by. Hmm.

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