Sunday, November 21, 2004

Life has been routine. Wake up zombified. Bathe and scrub body. Drive to work. Open mail for the Surprise of the Day ( this translates to more work ). Get coffee. Work for an eternity. Dinner. Go back to work. Go home. Sleep. Repeat the next day. It's taxing in an enduring way. I feel very very tired when it comes to work. I don't want to go to work anymore. I get more easily distracted during work. I'm so tired I probably need a year-long vacation or maybe a reason to go on living. Day in, day out. Work work work.

Well, maybe not day in day out. I do get some time off too. But, I suspect, not enough. Cause this heavy weariness I feel seem measureless. It's like someone slapped on something at the back of my head which saps the energy out of me. Doesn't help that some of my colleagues are assholes I would love to burn to a fine crisp. It's one thing to go to work with people you like. It's another thing to go to work and have to put on a tolerant attitude and not smash everybody's teeth out with my laptop.

You know, maybe I'm just feeling belligerent because of how work has been. We all need a break sometimes. I think I do, cause I feel that I've brushed up pretty close to my breaking point sometimes.

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