Sunday, December 26, 2004

Earthquakes. Tremors. Tidal waves. What a Christmas.

Hi, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you beautiful people out there. Christmas Eve was magical after such a long time, Christmas lunch was actually better than usual and Boxing Day has been pretty exciting so far. This morning I woke up to go pee. Then when I was trying to go back to sleep, my bed started creaking. That was strange, since I wasn't having sex at that moment, but my half-asleep mind was hoping that the creaking would go away. And then my neighbour started waking us up to tell us about the earthquake. So I got up and my father got up and we enjoyed the vertigo for awhile before the tremors subsided. Some dumbasses ran down to the ground floor and stood between two blocks of flat, thus guaranteeing that if both fell, they would most assuredly be crushed. Fools.

Anyway, post quake, there was peace for awhile, so my neighbours took the opportunity to ask me to format their computer for them. It got the tall leggy one into my room, but only to get her IR port working. After installing some stuff, I returned the computer to them. Just as I was booting up my PC, my mom called me to tell me that the northern coast of Penang had been hit by tsunami. She was buying mee when she saw the village folks near the coast running away from the sea. So now, apparently, the north coastal areas have been cordoned off. E&O Hotel's lobby is filled with mud and water, and a number of houses have been destroyed. And also, a lot of jammed roads, but I think I might go have a looksee myself just to see how bad things are.

Now India will have a severe fish shortage, and vacationers in Phuket have been washed away, and generally the Christmas spirit in Southeast Asia has been brutally cut short because some faultline decided to join in the festivities. Geez.

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