Friday, December 31, 2004

Here I am in Plantation, Florida. The long trip from Narita to Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas to Plantation, Florida is finally over. The jetlag, however, has only begun. My trip from Narita to the US this time was better. There was no one next to my window seat. In fact, the whole row was empty except for me and the Chinese lady at the other window seat who looked a bit like Mich C. The movie offerings were yucky - only Collateral was worth watching.

Anyway, there was that trip, and after that came the trip from Texas to Florida, but that one was nightmarish. I slept most of the way cause I was feeling really wretched at that point. At least our drive from the airport to our hotel went without a hitch. A hot bath was the first thing I took when I got to my room, followed by linking my computer up to the Internet. Yes, this time I actually have broadband access in my room.

We ( me and the other two engineers ) went to Denny's for dinner, where Sandra our waitress who kept thinking we were from China taught us how to eat grits. Basically you put the butter into the grits, mix in some salt and stir stir stir. It's quite nice once you get over the extreme jelak factor of the dish. The country fried steak and the scrambled eggs were nice though. Scrambled eggs are always nice.

So now here I am. My shit's turned black in colour and it already smells different, but that's really because of the airline food I've been consuming. That airline food... sigh. You never know what weird stuff they put in there. I miss the studio style room I had the last time I was in Plantation, but this one has broadband access. That more than makes up for it, I guess.

The last night of 2004 and I'm spending it jetlagged. It's New Year already in Malaysia, but I can't seem to call some people back home. Maybe I'll try again after I attempt some sleep. Brr... it's cold here.

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