Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Simoniac will be flying off to Bangalore tomorrow, so Hel and I had dinner with him tonight. Hel herself will be running off to the States at the end of this year, so since we'll all be terribly missing her, we're spending as much time with her as possible now. Cause pretty soon, NO MORE HEL. At least, for a year or two. Then she'll come skulking back to Malaysia with an American accent cause by then, she'll be an American tourist.

The Simoniac, however, will be in India for three months. And when he comes back, he will have an Indian accent. Damn these accents. I want one too. If they send me off to Florida, I'll be sure to cultivate a British accent there. Yes, I'll cultivate a bloody British accent while I'm in America. Cause if I come back speaking like an American... man, that's way too clichéd.

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