Sunday, December 19, 2004

You know how it's like when you sleep at 5am and your dad's alarm clock wakes you ( and probably the neighbours ) up at 8.30am on a Sunday morning? And you can no longer fall asleep again?

Welcome to my life.

The only thing on my mind now is that I'm going to need an insane amount of caffeine and flu medicine to get through the day. I forecast the headache to hit me in the afternoon. The mucus is already gathering at my nose, ready to start sliming up that area between my nostrils and my upper lip. Slightly salty shit, that. And all this because of a single shot of espresso on a Saturday night.

Yesterday. Ah, where to begin? The Von Darkes ( Carmen the dotter and William the big bad dad ) and I attended Hel's and Captain Insano's wedding registration and wedding reception lunch. The registration was held in the Chinese Town Hall in Georgetown. The lift wasn't working. We found that out after waiting five minutes for it. When we got up to the waiting room, Hel and her soon-to-be hubby were already taking photos underneath a flowery arch. All the guests who were already there gave at us that "ah... latecomers" look. We quietly skitted over to some empty seats and sat down to admire the very good-looking couple.

What is there to say? He looked neat and cool, she has never looked more beautiful. I've no idea why Hel was walking around weirdly ( with sudden movements of the head ), but I'm going to attribute that to excitement and possibly weird dressing. While Captain Insano looked well-groomed, I think her newly-developed eyelashes made her look slightly different. Plus, she did her hair up. After the flowery arch photos, they walked around chit-chatting with the guests a bit. And then we all went into the registrar's office where they signed the documents. Hel was so excited her hands were shaking when she signed the docs heh heh. Then after that, lots of photos, then went out to the waiting room for more photos, and then we adjourned to Penang Swimming Club for lunch.

And what a lunch it was. When Captain Insano says that he doesn't want his guests to go home hungry, he means it. Lots of chicken dishes, and man, I haven't been to PSC in ages, they've done the place up nicely. Especially that walkway connecting the parking lot to the club. Nice.

So that's it. Captain Insano's married Hel and they're both going to be happy ever after. Whereas I still lurk between the shadows, a Malaysian Constantine. Yeah right, hehe.

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