Saturday, January 29, 2005

I think I might want to go slit my throat tonight. There are 927 items in my mailbox, 23 of them unread. My throat issue is not tonsilitis, just a "normal" sore throat, that nurse told me. But it's killing me and my tongue is sore too. I understand that in life, a little pain is good. But going to hell everytime I swallow? That's ridiculous.

A sore tongue. Argh. It's horrible. I feel like part of my tongue has been shredded, while on the other hand I think there might be tiny little boils all over the surface of my tongue. There are small pieces of tongue-flesh hanging out from the bottom of my tongue. When I stick my tongue out, I half-expect them to wiggle a bit. You have pieces of tongue sticking out of your tongue, they might as well do something useful, right?

Anyway, my colleagues are heading off to Disney this weekend. Oops, correction: MOST of the engineers who come from Malaysia are heading off to Disney this weekend. It's like Malaysia Visits Disneyland weekend. And I'll be at home, close to my trusty water supply so that I don't choke to death. Need to keep my mouth VERY moist. This is absolutely the last time I'm eating raw onions.

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