Monday, February 28, 2005

Ah, the night before the flight. Tomorrow, at 4.30am, I'll be leaving the hotel for the Fort Lauderdale airport, from where I will take a flight to Fort Worth, Texas. The long 13 hour flight from Narita, Japan will commence from Texas. After a night in Japan, I'll take the slightly shorter flight back to Kuala Lumpur. After about an hour's transit, I'll finally take the flight home to Penang.

It's going to be a long way home. Right now though, there's a whole lot of mixed feelings about going home. There's the girl in question, family, roti canai and the business of losing a lot of excess weight ( about 10+ kgs ). On the other hand, there's the comfortable life, American television, no housework, no excess issues and no traffic jams. Maybe I've just gotten too lazy. The good life has a way of doing that to you.

I've nearly packed all my bags. Tomorrow morning, at about 4am, the chocolates go in. I keep my room as hot and as humid as possible, so I can't pack them into my bags yet. Due to the amount of stuff I'm bringing back for people, I'm finding it impossible to fit everything into my luggage bag. After spending the better part of two days squeezing everything inside, I'm beginning to feel homicidal. We went to the mall to pick up some straps for the luggage bag, but the shops were closed. They close early on Sunday nights. Apparently, that's not only a Mid-West thing. I'm just hoping my bag doesn't pop open halfway.

So it's goodbye to Plantation, Florida. Perhaps it's a good thing they're shipping us back now. One month would have been too short. Two months, like now, and we're missing the place already. Three months or more, we might no longer want to go home. We would have gone native by then. Heck, I'm watching Bad Boys now, and the Miami scenes are starting to look kinda familiar.

Oh well. Homeward bound in a couple of hours.

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