Friday, February 11, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year!

Belated, granted, but it's only the second day. Yesterday was busy. CNY in the States. First we negotiated a free holiday because there's no CNY holiday in the US. And then the party started. The party being hanging out with a colleague of ours who migrated to the Plantation facility to work. First we woke up at 10am. Then we went to our colleague's house. Then we had vegetarian steamboat. Then we went shopping awhile - Circuit City, then Sawgrass Mills cause another colleague wanted to exchange his winter clothing. From leather featish guy to Urban Legend jacket. And then it was off to the Everglades National Park. They had nice airboats there. Our US colleague said there were alligators around, but we didn't see any. We did see a whole bunch of peacocks running around though. Turned out the park area was also a hangout for choppers, so there were a couple of bikers hanging around drinking cold beer too. Then we dropped our colleague off, went back to the hotel, then went to this place called King's Palace where they had a dragon dance and lion dance. Thought I saw Michelle Branch there, but her nose was a little bit too big. And after the performance by Florida Kungfu, we went back to our US colleague's place to eat steamboat. Non-vegetarian this time.

And on the second day, we started working again. Work work work. At least there's no conference call tonight. So I get to watch Sugar & Spice. That Marley Shelton is as hot as always, probably as hot as she was when she was in Valentine with David Boreanaz *scream*. Cheerleader movie, yeah. I think *I* am the target audience.

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