Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's called forgetting.

5th February 2005
We went to the Kennedy Space Center to see the long rockets and the space shuttles. It would have been more fun if I were more interested in space. Unfortunately, my passion for space flight was severely dampened when I found out that space was not as advertised on Star Wars. "What? No Death Star? What the hell do people do out in space? Walk on the moon?" It's tragic how dreams can come to a sudden and halting stop sometimes. Quite recently, my interest in the stars were awokened by Lovecraft's Mythos stories, but that's no longer about flying off into space and engaging Tie Fighters. These days, it's more about watching for when the stars are right.

So, Kennedy Space Center. Very low babe-factor. Cold and chilly too. We spent most of the time there bundled up in our jackets. I guess it was educational in a way. They had exhibits all over, like the robot exhibit where they gave the poor Hubble telescope a low male voice ( figures - only guys would ever need a telescope that powerful ). There were bragging rights to be had. I can now say that I've been around the building where they build and assemble rockets and space shuttles. I can also say I've stood only a few miles away from where they launch rockets into space. Minor bragging rights, unless you're a space geek.

The most fun I had there was in the Mars flight simulator, where they packed us into a dark mock-up of a shuttle, played a 3D movie of the flight we were supposed to be in and shook the fake shuttle a lot. A LOT. I damn near puked.

19th February 2005
Universal Studios, Orlando. Home to infinitely long queues. We spent an average of half an hour waiting in line, depending on the ride we wanted to get on. I can safely say we sat on everything worth sitting on except for the MiB Alien Attack ride, cause one of my colleagues got really queasy. I blame the Revenge of the Mummy ride, although it was pretty ho-hum to me. The Mummy ride was the only truly fun ride in the whole place, unfortunately. ET had exactly one spectacular moment, which is when the ride we were on took us over a mockup of a city. Since I had ET in the basket in front of me, I could make believe that I was really cycling over a city. Tear in the eye moment, if I weren't so jaded.

We made friends in Universal too. While waiting in line for the Mummy ride, a bunch of young girls from South Carolina started telling us "goku" and "shan-ke". My queasy colleague entertained them while the rest of us chatted with them a bit. They didn't know where Malaysia was, but they knew where Thailand was. They asked me if we ate cats. And one of them, the one who liked to scream a lot, kept telling me not to touch the walls or I would die. Her friend was not as loud, but she did tell us a story about how there was a hospital in China named after some ancestor of hers, some Wilkinson guy. The scary thing is, there's such a person on the Internet. Or maybe it's just delusions of grandeur. Heck, my family tree - the imaginary one - has a lot of weird people in it too.

There was some Mardi Gras celebration in Universal that night. After snapping some pics with some skimpily-clad ladies on stilts, we took off for dinner cause it was a bloody four hour drive back to our hotel. We stopped by the super huge Nike shop where my queasy colleague bought a pair of shoes, and then we all headed back home in our Ford Expedition. Oh yeah. The elephant.

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